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Guardians Of Time


1997-  Paul Olsen - guitars
1997-  Bernt Fjellestad - vocals
2009-  Øyvind Vågane - drums
2010-  Jonkis Werdal - bass
2012-  Lars Andreas Vågane - guitars
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1997-1998  Thomas Færøvig - drums
1997-1998  Tommy Viik - bass
1997-2004  Rune Schellingerhout - guitars
1998-2004  Vidar Uleberg - drums
1998-2004  Dag-Ove Johnsen - bass
2004  Willy Aaraas - drums
2009-2010  Martin Eltvik - bass
2009-2012  Bent Lindebø - guitars
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2004  Ruth Laila - vocals
2011  Laurence Meriaux - vocals
2011  Susi Schenk - vocals
2011  Kim-Arly Karlsen - vocals
2011  George Leland Wright - vocals
2011  Elise Arvesdatter Jensen - vocals
2011  Adriana Thorsen - vocals

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Norway isn't well-known for power metal when compared to neighbours Sweden, but Guardians Of Time are more than capable of matching the quality of just about any power metal band on the scene today. This is the fourth studio album, released after their return in 2011, and it is easily a contender for power metal album of the year. A Beautiful Atrocity showed a change in style for the band, with a more progressive quality to the music. However it would be completely wrong of me to say that the band has ever written generic power metal as I think they have already created a signature sound that makes them instantly recognisable over many other bands in the genre. Rage And Fire isn't as progressive as their previous effort, but it is heavy, melodic and catchy from start to finish.   Review by Belegûr ››

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