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Simon Dawson


2005- Pantheon (UK) - vocals, bass  

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Born on: 26.10.1988
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I picked up the bass when I was 15 after being kick started by the performance of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. I've nevver thought of bass as being limited to just baselines and standing by the drum kit. Im always trying new techniques and ideas. To me there's nothing like the sound of a well written bass track to drive along a heavy metal song. At the same time, there's nothing like performing an energetic show and getting a good reaction though I always apreciate any attention we get. My favourite song at the moment is New Shadow, great to play live and technical. Here's to a metal 2009!

Gear: Ibanez GSR200, ESP EX104, Acoustic Model 220 Bass Amp with 2x15 cab, Boss Pedals