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Carnal Lust - Biography


Carnal Lust was formed in 98 in the Parisian area. The band is composed of 3 musicians before any friends, after one year of training and compositions which we leave our first demo "Human Die" recorded under conditions live which does not make it possible yet to distinguish exactly our style still anchored in punk a death mixture still missing.

We giving us hard to work, the meeting with Mr. Francx allowed us to record our second demo "Prepare Your Soul" into 2001, which had a resounding success in the underground scene. These 4 tracks MCD enabled us to make many concerts of which some at the headliner and especially to canvass labels in sight of recording our first album.

Diamond Productions which proposed the contract more interesting to us and in the beginning of December 2002 we recorded our first album "Whore Of Violence" in 10 days in Soul Sol Studio in Paris with once again Francx, 2 months of mixing later the album leaves in Mars 2003,et the first reactions are more than positive, great promotion and get some concerts!

Our line up has changed since October 2003, Nickro (ex-singer) decided to stop playing in CARNAL for personal reasons. In January 2004, we find a new vocalist called "L. Chuck D." and "Nico" (2nd guitar) and a new bass player called "Death'met".

September 2005, Death'met decide to stop playing with us, preferring to devote itself to DRIFTING BREED. Fortunatly, we met Jeff from INFECTED to take the bass in CARNAL LUST.

In December 2006, Nico (2nd guitar) stopped all activities in CARNAL LUST for personnal reasons, we tried many guitar players during 2006 and finally we found Mike from Yorblind.

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