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TRAUMA is one of the most experienced Polish death metal bands. In was set up in the end of eighties, known as Thanatos. As Thanatos, we have recorded two demo tapes, titled 'Deo Optimo Maximo' and 'Out Of Sanity'. Thanks to our first records, we became known as one of the most interesting and musically advanced band of Polish metal scene. On December 1992 we decided to change the name to Trauma, and on May the same year we registered our debut material titled 'Invisible Reality'. It was recorded in famous Polish studio- Selani in Olsztyn city. It hit the market in 1993 due to Loud Out Rec. and Morbid Noizz Prod. That year our debut album met numerous positive opinions not only in underground and official magazines, but also from fans all around the Europe.

For realization of our next music ideas we had to wait until October 1993, when we undertook an idea of recording our first official album- 'Comedy Is Over'. It was recorded in Polish SL Studio in Gdynia, and finally presented to the world by Vox Mortis Records, in Autumn 1996. 'Comedy Is Over' was available on cassette format only. Despite being remarkable, progressive and musically surprising album- 'Comedy Is Over' was not given a proper distribution and at least basic promotion. We were hard and dry.

In October 1997, we succeed in recording our second album- 'Daimonion', this time in Polish Selani Studio. That recording brought new opportunities to the band, one of which was signing a contract with Pagan Records. First result of our collaboration with Pagan Rec. was releasing 'Daimonion' album extended by remastered tracks from our first release- 'Invisible Reality'. The time between 1997 and 1999 was lucky to the band, we returned to regular touring, played lots of concerts and festivals in Poland.

In 2000 we decided to enter the studio again. We choose Hertz Studio in Bialystok, where our third album, 'Suffocated In Slumber' was recorded, mixed and engineered. CD appeared in shops in the end of September the same year. In the meantime, due to Pagan Records, our first album 'Comedy Is Over' was released once again, this time with completely new artwork and first time on CD format. By releasing 'Suffocated In Slumber' band brought his musicmanship to the whole new level, what made the band perceived as positively as never before. In March 2001 we marked a new contract with german System Shock Records, what made the European promotion possible. In the same month we joined Decapitated and Vader in 'Reign Forever World Tour' visiting the biggest Polish cities. During the tour we decided to record our first live album- 'Crash Test: Live'. The premiere of this live CD took place in November the same year, thanks to Pagan Records once again.

In January 2002 Trauma struck again with prestigious 'Expression Of Horror Tour', with assistance of well known Polish bands- Devilyn and Misteria. As run of luck still remained, in April the same year Trauma started its first international tour 'System Shock Over Europe Part Two' with famous bands like Master, Krabathor and Xenomorph. We visited Germany and Netherlands, meeting totally extreme approval and support from our European fans. After returning home we started working on our new tracks. In October 2002 we became invited for next edition of 'Thrash'em All Festival', this time having an opportunity to play with Monstrosity, Vomitory, Lost Soul, Sceptic, Dissenter and Contempt. After the show we finished touring definitely to complete the work over successor of 'Suffocated In Slumber'.

In the beginning of 2003 we decided to leave Pagan Records Label, with which were we associated in previous years. We marked a new deal in February, this time with world famous Empire Records.

In the beginning of the year we finally entered the studio to record our fourth album titled 'Imperfect Like A God'. On 1st March 2004 Trauma participated in 18th edition of Metalmania Festival, which according to tradition took place in Katowice city. We were pleased with playing on the same big scene with bands like Soulfly, Morbid Angel, Krisiun, Enslaved, Tiamat and Moonspell. In that period we decided to pay huge attention to touring in order to promote our new album. We were lucky to play some of the most spectacular concerts in our carrier. On Spring 2004 , due to French label Adipocere Records, 'Imperfect Like A God' album was finally released on European market, still getting very high notes in international music press. In August Trauma began next tour called 'Empire Invasion Tour' with Polish bands Dies Irae, Sceptic and Shadows Land. In the end of the year band played plenty of concerts, having additional opportunity to promote 'Imperfect?'.

The breakthrough between 2004 and 2005 was special time to us. It was time of conscious, passive period in band's acitivity. In that time the most important to us was to pursue a goal of creating a new material. Recording session of our next masterpiece- 'DetermiNation' took place in May and June 2005, again in Hertz Studio. Our fifth CD was published on 15th August by Empire Records, and like the time before, was added to Thrash'em All magazine. In Autumn 2005 we focused on intensive promotion of 'Determination' by series of single concerts in the whole country. In October, with company of Polish death metal formation Dissenter, Trauma started its next very prestigious tour, this time with famous American band- Vital Remains. Frequency on the whole tour was absolutely stunning. Soon after that tour Trauma took the professional photo session for first videoclip in band's history- Elegy For Doom (coming from 'DetermiNation' album). People responsible for the whole work were Piotr Majchrzak and leader of the band- Mister. Editing of the videoclip took us more than half year, but the final effect was worth the effort. Clip was finally displayed in lots of TV channels, including American MTV2.

From the beginning of 2006 Trauma was working hard over the next album. We had our hands full, so we almost did not leave our rehreasal place. In July, traditionally in Hertz Studio, band started next recording session. This time we menaged to record two different materials. First of them was MCD titled 'Hamartia' with two completely fresh tracks and three covers. Second one was longplay titled 'Neurotic Mass'. Premiere of 'Hamartia' took place in August 2006 via Empire Records. In the same time, our previous album 'DetermiNation' was issued in USA and Europe by Unique Leader Records. This move resulted in numerous positive reviews coming to us from different parts of the world. In Autumn 2006 Trauma started next tour, standing on scene shoulder to shoulder with bands Vader, Azarath and Vesania. Tour was called 'Blitzkrieg 4' and it was annual event organized by Vader. Those were the most impressive and spectacular shows we were ever pleased to play.

In year 2007 we struck while the iron was hot, playing numerous concerts promoting 'Neurotic Mass' album. CD met with very positive response from our fans and international magazines.

2008 year was very diligent to us. We intensified promotion of the band and put great effort to promote our name through mass media. In May we finally returned to touring. Our last gigs took place under the name of 'Rebel Angels Tour Vol.3'. Bands we played with were Hate, Crionics, Devilish Impressions, Naumachia and Numack. In July, June and August 2008 Trauma performed on few summer festivals. In Autumn the same year we decided to suspend our live activity in order to focus on production of our 6th album- 'Archetype Of Chaos'. Session of our 6th CD took place in Hertz Studio. With help and support of Wiesławscy bros album was finally registered. In the meantime band set off on next spring tour called 'Killing Assault Tour' in the role of headliner. This time we decided to help in promoting the most promising, young bands from Poland. By now, Trauma finished working over the newest album. Currently we are on phase of negotiating with labels so as to mark a new deal. In holiday time we will perform on two prestigious European festivals- Devil Stone Open Air (Lithuania) and Metal Head's Mission (Crimae, Ukraine).

In the final days of the year, band signed new record deal with Witching Hour. 6Th Trauma album titled ?Archetype of Chaos" is released in february 2010 worldwide. Shortly after it's premiere, Trauma starts their conquest of polish stages. April this year, band plays on prestigious Metal Fest in german Dessay with such notable names as Nevermore, Bolt Thrower or Rotting Christ. Meanwhile, Witching Hour release vinyl edition of ?Archetype of Chaos" with completely new cover designed specially for LP version. In may and June, Trauma continues their live crusade in Poland including new wdition of Killing Assault Tour. Promotion of latest album takes place on summer festivals and various venues.

Since the very beginning of 2011, band compose completely new songs, which are scheduled to be released on next studio album. That spring, just before recording session, band hits the road again with series of gigs of Death Metal Revolt Tour 2011, thus finishing promotion of ?Archetype of Chaos". Trauma enters Hertz Studio in the final days of June and stays there for a couple of gigs to record their 7th studio album. During these days, 9 new compositions arise, altogether titled ?Karma Obscura"

Throughout 2012 Trauma plays single shows in their country including few of summer festivals. ?Karma Obscura" release is still postponed due to financial difficulties of label Witching Hour. Nevertheless, mixes of latest album take place in may 2013 and mastering process in June 2013, again in Hertz Studio. ?Karma Obscura" is finally unleashed on 26th of june 2013. Immediately, album receives tons of positive reviews from fans and media. In august Trauma plays few of shows with Nile, Vader and Hate. In december, band starts series of weekend gigs which will promote their latest album. Band's live offensive titled ?Karma Obscura Tour" passes through many cities and concert clubs. In June 2014, Trauma plays on Festival of Extreme Music ?Aaaarrrggghhh" with american Death Metal legend Obituary.

Trauma now plans completely new songs for upcoming album, as well as polish and european gigs, so be prepared - flag of destruction will again be proudly held high upon our heads.

Stay Traumed!