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Aviations - Biography


In the fall of 2011, James Knoerl and Sam Harchik started the project you are now viewing as "Aviations." That autumn season was the beginning of an exceedingly hopeful path filled with meeting valued friends, countless learning experiences, and the breaking of today's musical trends.
Before admitting himself into Berklee College of Music out of high school, James had already been writing songs for a band that he knew he would intend to form. Once on campus, he joined forces with Sam. The two of them had a full album written, and soon they began recording. Shareef was made an addition to the band following his departure from a project of similar genre, and from then on, recording instrumentals for the album continued. The band had no legitimate plans for acquiring a vocalist for their musical venture, however, during the summer of 2012, Adam demoed on tracks and was given the spot. Dave Wolfberg from another Berklee band, Earthstomper, decided to join on as the second guitarist for the band.

On October 13th, 2012, "A Declaration of Sound," the band's debut release, was the final product of the story so far.

Due to the intensive instrumentals and intricate rhythms constructed for their listeners, Aviations powers your ability to become involved with each song, forcing you to tend to individual parts with exclusive attention, while linking everything to a whole sound with ease. If your comprehension enjoys a challenge, give them a listen.

Stay tuned with their facebook page for updates on everything from their music, to shows, and even hilariously funny homemade videos. Comment on their pages- more than anything, they love hearing from the people who enjoy their music.

Source: ReverbNation