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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Biography




DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER were founded in the middle of '95 by Fuchs (git + vox) and Skelleton (drums & screams). Dr. Pest (keys) and Volk-Man (bs) completed the line-up a few weeks later. From a stand within nearly 10 years the band became on of the most spectacular and unusual Metal outfits the world had even seen. Raging hateful blasts combined with beautiful charming piano-tunes, deep growls faced razor-sharp screams, moments of anger and hate but also flashes of sadness, silence and bitter mirth. Always in between love and hate, life and death. What should be more inspiring than life itself? Here a short summary, what happens so far:

- "Firestorm" Demo recorded in May and released just a few weeks later. Mailed out over 500 copies into the whole world.
- First live shows in Germany and self-organized tour through Czech, Hungary and Romania (still without having a deal)

- Signing a contract with Ars Metalli Records.
- Debut album "Soft & Stronger" released

- 4 track vinyl EP "Dschinghis Khan" recorded (limited to 1000 copies)
- first big show in the band history (Fuck The Commerce Open Air)

- second album "Allegro Barbaro" released on Ars Metalli
- signing a contract with Hammerheart Records
- founding member Skelleton (drums) left the band, replaced by SirG.
- huge amount of live shows, first Wacken show in the bands history

- release of the milestone "All You Need Is Love"
- overwhelming feedback from the whole world
- With Full Force Open Air

- European Tour supporting US-sickos Macabre through Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Italy and Switzerland
- second Wacken show in bands history
- band is traveling in the own van nearly every weekend through Germany for live shows

- due to arm-injuries of singer Fuchs and drummer Sir G. the band is put on ice for a long time
- band is playing a few shows with session drummer Tim (Adorned Brood)
- as the arm injury of Fuchs can't be healed, he decided to quit playing guitar on stage
- new guitar-player Pitrone is joining the band, in the beginning just as session member
- cancellation of the Hammerheart contract, signing to Nuclear Blast Records
- in November/December band starts to record the new album

- the fourth long-player "Have A Nice Trip" is finally out
- the album entered the German long-player charts - a sensation!
- No Mercy Tour through Europe supporting Marduk, Testament and Death Angel
- band played over 80 single shows, including fantastic shows at Germanys biggest events (Wacken, With Full Force, Summerbreeze)
- X-Mas tour supporting Subway To Sally

- first Headliner tour in bands history - "Powernights"
- pre-recording session in local studio in Weimar in May
- session member Pitrone joins the band permanently
- band travels to Denmark to record the new album together with Tue Madsen (Producer)
- 08.11.2004 - "Samurai" release-date
- special release-show tour in Germany

"Samurai" was released in the USA in February for the US-release, we changed the band name into THE APOCALYPTIC RIDERS, as the German one (what exactly means the same) is too hard to speak for Non-Germans 5 week tour in February/March with Finn-Monsters Turisas marked the biggest success for the band so far nearly 20 open airs, a very hot summer seasons with killers shows at Summerbreeze, With Full Force, Taubertal and many more band played nearly 80 shows this year pre-production for next album "Riders on the Storm" in November/December.

- recording session February & March
- release EP "Friede sei mit dir" (19.05.2006)
- release DVD "Friede sei mit dir" (19.05.2006)
- release new album "Riders on the Storm" (25.08.2006)
- headliner tour in September 2006