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Paragon - Biography



Paragon hailing from Hamburg Germany count deservedly to one of the best German Metal bands. For the past 15 years they have shown that constant quality and perseverance can lead to a good deal off success even without hype and a great deal of media support.

Founded 1990 by main-songwriter Martin Christian, the band achieved first recognition with the "Maelstrom of Decline" Demo 1992 and the Mini CD "Into the Black". The following first longplayer "World of Sin" was released 95 by the a small label called Tricolor Music did not achieve the recognition it deserved.

In 1997 the line up was reinforced by Andreas Babuschkin (Minotaur) on vocals and Jan Bünning (Erosion, Asmodis) on bass two experienced Metal musicians and went on to writing and recording "The Final Command". Producer was Harris Johns (Helloween, Keator, Sodom) . With the finished product Paragon got a deal with B.O Records who released it worldwide in August 1998. The follow up "Chalice of Steel" was recorded in the same constellation in January/Febuary 1999. Both CDs were well recieved in the European Metal Scene especially in Underground magazines who were well into the fresh sounding, powerfull 80s' Metal.

A new Decade, a new team, in 2000 Paragon joined up with Remedy Records and producer Piet Sielck (Iron Savior, Savage Circus) and recorded "Steelbound " which catapulted the band into the German Metal elite. Highscores in most Magazines, a tour with Iron Saviour and Labyrinth helped Paragon to establish themselves among the top national Metal acts. The following "Law of the Blade" was a first conceptual album and saw the band perfecting their style and skills. The work was rewarded and "Law of the Blade" earned high scores and even was the soundcheck winner in Heavy Oder Was? magazine.

The following European invasion with Gamma Ray, took the band to France, Italy and finally Spain where they rocked 2000 Metal Maniacs into a delirium. Expectations were high in 2003 for the next concept album "The Dark Legacy" with new harder and more direct material was again well received by fans and media, a national tour with Majesty followed. for this tour and a festivals in the summer the band had to replace Guitarist Claudius Cremer, with Günny "Gunmann" Kruse who had helped out as a guitar tech before.

The most of 2004 Paragon spent on writing new Material for the follow up CD. After jamming in shows at the Sweden Rock, Wacken, Summer Breeze in Summer 2004 and the Keep it True Festival April 2005 the next CD was launched. Revenge was a milestone of German Metal, Paragon had yet again improved their style with tracks like Traitor, Impaler or the epic masterpiece Masters of the Seas and the production was the most powerful so far. The reactions of the fans and press were fantastic and brought Paragon another step forward.

Autumn 2005 the band reinforced themselves with a new drummer, Christian Gripp of Torment and Powerslave, who replaced Marcus Big M Corby who left the band due to health reasons. Chris showed his talents on the following European tour with Dark Age and Torment and succeeding headline club shows.

2006 was spent writing songs with the ambition to top "Revenge" in terms of power and aggression and to get back to the basics of Heavy Metal, alongside to this Paragon had several live excursions which interrupted the work on the CD, the highlight was another Sweden trip to the "Gates of Metal" and the "Destroyed World" festival in Germany. In autumn the songwriting was completed and it was time to start recording.

After four releases being produced by Piet Sielck it was time for a slight change in sound and production. To get a better picture of the live Power of the band it was decided to go for the studio of Metalbash Roadkill tourtechs, Steve Quellmalz and Arne Wachtmann. The title of the album was to be "Forgotten Prophecies" one of the faster tracks of the new CD. The new blood in the form of Chris on the drumstool and the production team meant that the energy level was upped yet again and tracks such as "Hammer of the gods", "Wargods" or the furious cover of "Deny the Cross" by Overkill are fast pounding Metal as we all love it. The release is set for 29th June 2007 and will be accompanied by an excellent DVD bonus pack containing the Metalbash 2005 show and two tracks from the Metalbash roadkill tour the same year. Unfortunately a line-up change occured during the production and long time bassplayer Jan Bünning left due to musical differences but a new man is standing in line.