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Evile - Biography



Evile formed in 2004 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK by brothers Matt Drake (vocals/guitar) and Ol Drake (lead guitar), along with Ben Carter (drums) and Mike Alexander (bass) and have since rapidly picked up a rabid following, eager to enjoy a night of heads-down, no-nonsense Thrash.


Evile are an original thrash metal outfit from west yorkshire, UK. Each band member has grown up with varying musical influences surrounding them and wanted to start up a band which played some of their favourite 80's thrash songs. founded by old school friends Matt Drake and Ben carter, and after playing with different guitarists and bass players for a year or so, they asked matts brother ol to join as lead guitarist, and after a short search for a bass player they were contacted by mike alexander via an ad in a local guitar shop, and evile was formed. With every member contributing to every aspect of the band they have a uniqueness and strength thats gives them a cutting edge, influenced by bands such as sepultura, exodus, metallica, annihilator and slayer to name but a few these young thrashers have created something that the metal world is crying out for.