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Amaurot - Biography


The seed for Amaurot was sown in 2019 when vocalist Lisa Rieger (Hydra) and guitarist Peter Svensson (Void Moon, Assassin’s Blade, ex-Goatess) got in contact to create a new band combining their talents and diverse influences.
With Lisa providing clean vocals, background choirs and growls, and Peter playing guitar and keyboards, the line-up was completed by drummer Thomas Hedlund (ex-The Ancient’s Rebirth, Pagan Rites, Void Moon) and bassist Magnus Hultman (Cult of the Fox).

Though deeply immersed in the classic doom field, Amaurot combines their sound with influences from bands like Candlemass, Draconian and early Within Temptation.

A full-length debut album is already recorded and ready to be released. It features guest appearances from Rogga Johansson (Massacre, Paganizer), Sabine Meusel (Xiphea), Sean Vukovic (Forsaken) and Marcus Rosenkvist (Void Moon).

Keep your eyes open for the first single from the album, which will be released within the coming weeks.