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US Progressive Technical Metal band WATCHTOWER started their Metal journey back in 1982. They had began mainly as a cover band but soon started writing their own material. In 1983 they were approached by Rainforest Records to release an album but that never materialized because the label went under. Their line-up consisting of vocals: Jason McMaster (DANGEROUS TOYS); guitar: Billy White; bass: Doug Keyser; drums: Rick Colacula released their first album "Energetic Disassembly".

Around 86 one of the founding members and main songwriter, Billy White left the band and was replaced by Ron Jarzombek (S.A. SLAYER, SPASTIK INK). They continued to play live despite the future not being certain. In 1987 Jason was asked to be guest vocalist for DANGEROUS TOYS to which he said yes. Eventually they got signed to Columbia Records and he decided to go with them full time.

To fill the vacant vocalist spot the band recruited a friend of theirs, Mike Soliz (MILITIA, ASSALANT) in 1988. He recorded only one song with them (featured on the Noise Records compilation Doomsday News 2) before being replaced by HADES wailer Alan Tecchio. 1989 saw the release of WATCHTOWER´s second album "Control And Resistance". A year later Alan left the band to join NON FICTION and that was pretty much the end. Or was it ?

The band reunited around 2000 and have since been working on some new material as well as released a compilation on Monster Records. I don´t know if that new album, currently entitled "Mathamatics" will see the light of day soon as the band themselves don´t even know. Time will tell.

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