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Gurd - Biography



Gurd formed back in early 1994 out of the ashes of the Swiss power-thrash metal legend Poltergeist. Stylistically, Gurd decided to take a step into a rather different direction, as they preferred a more modern and crunchy sound to metal. Soon afterwards the company Major Records discovered the talented fourpiece and things easily started to work out for the self-titled debut album that got released in 1995 and which received awesome response from both media and the audience.

Hard touring and fast recording became two synonyms for the band. After their debut, their second output "Addicted" was also released in 1995, followed by tours with bands like Spudmonsters, Schweisser, Life Of Agony, Stuck Mojo, Pro-Pain or Such A Surge. The Dynamo Open-Air (1996) was definitely highlighting their history as they played in front of 20'000 wildly partying people. This amazing show led GurD to sign with Century Media.

Until 1998, they released three more outputs ("D-Fect" plus "D-Fect - The Remixes" and "Down The Drain" at famous Thomas Skogsberg's Sunlight Studio in Stockholm). After touring Europe with Pro-Pain again, Marek, Tbi and Phil decided to quit the band at a quite successful moment, so that V.O. remained on his own.

It did not take a long time until he joined forces with new members from Berne: Andrej (bass) and Spring (guit), who were formerly playing with the Swamp Terrorists, as well as Tschibu, ex-drummer of the band Jerk. As all three members were jamming together for a while, they fastly formed a tight and suitable team to continue the GurD-way.

1999- 2001
To steady their new built line up and performance, the four played several shows in Switzerland before they recorded the demo to the next album "Bedlam". It turned out to be the most powerful and heaviest material GurD ever wrote, more technical and thrash-oriented, yet also catchy as usual. The full-length album was released in august 2000. The year after was packed with clubshows in Switzerland and Germany, crowned by appearances at the famous With Full Force Festival and Metal Dayz in Switzerland. This successful time was sadly interrupted by the ending of the deal with Century Media. In consequence, GurD recorded a new demo, along with a video-clip to the track "Rule The Pit", which was produced by the wicked Evilproduction-stuntteam from Berne. Sad enough, Andrej had to leave the band at the end of the year due to health problems.

The year started with welcoming Franky on bass, who helped to cope with that setback. As he was GurD's former live engineer, they knew each other well and he became a fully accepted bandmember very fast. He could prove his live qualities during many shows in Switzerland, the Summerbreeze Open Air and several benefit-festivals like the Fuck The Flut or In Union We Stand (both Germany).

Signing a deal with Diehard Music was a good start for this year. As V.O. and Franky built their own studio Little Creek, their next album "Encounter" was one of the first records produced there. Soundwise, they followed their way to more thrashbased and old-schooly music, yet not to miss a very modern influence (if Jeff Waters says so, it can't be wrong!). In June, GurD went on a small tour with I-Trip, new-metal hopefuls from Stuttgart, continued playing in Switzerland and amazingly performed at the Metal Dayz in Switzerland again; the place was packed, all sweaty and partying! With that show, GurD proved that they are still alive and kicking and they survived all those awkward circumstances in the past like a phoenix!

This was year 10 after forming GurD. To celebrate the "Decade of GurD" appropriately, the band was playing an anniversary show in Switzerland which was recorded and filmed and should be released the following year. GurD-Booking is now represented by Dragon Productions/All Access. GurD is surely a good choice, still bringing bloodrushing intensity and heavy spirit to every stage! At the end of the year, Spring decided to leave the Band & concentrate on his own project 'The Order'.

The year started with integrating new guitarist Pat into the band. A few shows later, GurD was back on track & stronger than ever. After the release of the Deluxe-Packaged DVD/CD '10 Years of Addiction' through N-Gage Records, GurD focused on recording new Killer Material & playing as many shows as possible.

The Album is finished & GurD has signed a worldwide record deal with german based label DOCKYARD1. The release date is set to 31st of July for the new Masterpiece called 'BANG!'. Also plans for several tours are made & the band is already booked for some festivals during the summer like METAL DAYZ in Switzerland.

This Year the Band is ready to hit the road again! In April/May they will tour throughout Europe together with their longtime-buddies PRO PAIN. Currently GurD is also working on a Video-Clip for their Anthem 'BANG!'