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Orchid's Curse, a 5-piece metal band, were formed in 2005 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and have fueled the flames of heavy metal since their beginnings. The current line-up has been active and playing shows within the region since the Summer of 2005. Musically the band has been in a continual state of growth, progressing into more extreme, yet melody-filled territory with each and every new song. Since their debut EP, "Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes", was released (September 20, 2006) it has generated press and reviews from various continents over the globe and was reviewed in Unrestrained Magazine. The EP was released on vocalist John Hogan's independent record label Diminished Fifth Records.

Now with two acclaimed releases and another soon to follow, a horror-themed music video and a pair of 'Loud Recording of the Year' nominations under their belt, Orchid's Curse have been paving their way as one of Canada's finest underground metal bands. Known for their intense live performances the band delicately combine unadulterated aggression and intensity with distinct melodic guitar driven harmonies.

Over the years Orchid's Curse has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such established artists as: Children of Bodom, Cancer Bats, Fuck the Facts, Misery Index, Martyr, Baptized in Blood, Beneath the Massacre, Ion Dissonence, 3 Inches of Blood, Vilipend, Neuraxis, L'Espirit du Clan, Trigger Effect, Ninjaspy, Unbreakable Hatred, Misguided Aggression, Greber and many others.

"Thick, brutal, aggressive and borderline cacophonous, at times, Voices is relentlessly engaging and explosive while maintaining a decisively melodic essence."

"Their music is undeniably heavy, but it's also dense with trippy excursion and ethereal edges to the intensity… they play with sincerity, brains, skill and humour."

"Voices: The Tales of Broken Men is a huge step forward and progression for the band. It's obvious that the members of Orchid's Curse spent time listening to prog-metal and prog-rock in between writing for their first album and this one. Not that they've eschewed all of their previous metallic ways, quite the contrary, they've embraced and built upon an already solid foundation"

"Voices - The Tales of Broken Men is a pretty lethal disc from beginning to end, confirming that Orchids Curse is definitely one of the most promising, young acts on the Canadian metal scene today."
-Sea of Tranquility

"Tapping into the brutal assaults of Death Metal, the crush of Thrash and Progressive tilts with the insight of a psychologist, you get a band that is nearly impossible to correctly and accurately describe"

"Voices… offers ten tracks of pure unadulterated heaviness from one of the Maritimes best up and coming acts."

"My expectations were not only exceeded, but they were shot out of cannon and hit a brick wall with the velocity of a .357 Magnum. Their previous effort, Goodbye is When The Casket Closes, was a thick and meaty slab of At The Gates worship, but Voices leave that record in the dust."
-G! Magazine

"Imagine the perfect marriage of technical proficiency, dedicated musicianship with emotional catharsis and unadulterated aggression"

"an impressive mix of lightning-quick, well-balanced harmonies, impeccable shredding, booming, primitive drumbeats and surprisingly thoughtful lyrics."

"heavy riffs built for headbanging"
-Metal Storm

-The Coast 2010 Critic's Pick Top 10 Records of 2010
-2011 ECMA 'Loud Recording of the Year' Nominee writer 'Jason Wellwood' Individual Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010 [#8] writer 'Jason Wellwood' Individual Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010
-Rock and Roll Report Top 10 Albums of 2010 [#2] writer 'Chee Kam' Individual Top 20 Metal Albums of 2010 [#18] Top 15 Albums of 2010 [#6]