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Fall Of Serenity - Biography




In late summer 1998 FALL OF SERENITY was born from the remains of CONTRITION. First recordings for FOS were already done in December 1998 at RAPE OF HARMONIES studio in Triptis / Germany. Our buddy Olivé from Geneva/Switzerland offered us to bring out our material on his small label "x83xrecords" as a vinyl-only release. The record called "Smoldering Doom" was limited to 500 copies, 100 of them grey-marble, and was released in January 2000. Still in 1998 we were back in the RAPE OF HARMONIES studio to recorded for a split 12" (vinyl-only as well) with the guys from HEAVEN SHALL BURN. This record, "THE HEAVEN SHALL BURN / FALL OF SERENITY SPLIT LP", was released in summer 2000 on DEEDS OF REVOLUTION RECORDS.

During the split-recordings René, good friend and official FOS-roady did some back-up vocals, which we quite liked. So we decided to offer him a job as aditional full-time vocalist. Early November we decided to record a new demo that would represent our current musical status which had developed into serious death-metal by then.

Again the four "Demonstration Tracks 2000" were recorded at the R.O.H. studio. Those studio-session was Andreas´ last musical contribution to FOS. He decided to quit the band because it was hard for him to equally focus on his job and FOS. Of course he still hangs out with us and supports us whenever necessary. His good-bye-show was on the 11th of November 2000. There, we introduced our new member John to the crowd.

The next important step in the FOS-history was, when Frank VOICE OF LIFE got his hands on one of our demos and made us an offer we could not refuse. In December 2001 the debut-album "Grey Man´s Requiem" was finally released and got remarkably good reviews world-wide. Since then FOS has been busy writing new songs and playing live-shows as often as possible. But 2002 was also the year of saying goodbye to one of the band´s vocalists.

Lars decided to leave the band because he was unable to make it to many shows, not to speak of practising sessions, since he had moved to Cologne earlier this year. FOS decided to continue with the one remaining singer René and not to look for a replacement. About one year later Frank told us not to go on with VOICE OF LIFE RECORDS so we were forced to find an alterative. Peter from METAL AGE PRODUCTIONS offered us to release the next album and so he did. To promote the record (called "Royal Killing") we toured across Europe with DISMEMBER and played tons of smaller club shows and festivals (with bands like VADER, DIMENSION ZERO, MARDUK, MALEVOLENT CREATION, ARCTURUS, SECRETS OF THE MOON, GOD DETHRONED, PRIMORDIAL, KATAKLYSM, BEHEMOTH, NAGLFAR, DISBELIEF, DEW SCENTED etc.).