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17 years of Incubator. It's a story of 17 years of strong presence in one of the toughest markets in the world and 17 years full of manifold ups and downs. Time and time again incubator have staged and defined themselves freshly, ably and successfully. For their first two Death Metal albums "Symphonies Of Spiriual Cannibalism" and "Mc Gillroy - The Housefly" Incubator were highly respected and very successful all over Europe. Their fans still call these albums mile stones of Metal. In 1993 Incubator have put a change to their musical conception and released the album "Hirnnektar". The media was amazed and called the band "the German answer to great bands" as Voivod and Neurosis. Many shows and tours all over Europe with bands as Holy Moses, Protector, Gorefest and Atrocity as well as some support slots as e.g. for Saxon on Wacken Open Air 1992 have gotten the band a solid foundation and a good reputation. After a 5-year break Incubator were back in 1998 with their brutal Death Metal album "MCMETALXCIII" that caused enthusiastic reactions by the media. A great "comeback" for Incubator. Another show at Wacken Open Air, a German tour with Richthofen/Drecksau as well as single and festival shows with Marduk, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse backed up the band's ongoing career. Then, also still in 1998, the disaster happened: Due to business problems Chris Mummelthey, frontman and mastermind of Incubator was kicked out of the band. One of Germany's figureheads in Extrem Metal lost itself in senseless fights over personal problems and the right on the band's name. Between 2000 and 2003 Incubator released the album "Divine Comedy" while Chris Mummelthey had two albums with his Solo-project The Sixth Incubator. When Chris sued the band for the right to own the band's name, Incubator was forced to release their album "Moribund" as INC. The fight was over and the band was morally ruined. 2006 Chris Mummelthey successfully reformed Incubator. On their "Nightmares From The Past"-Tour 2006/2007 the band was supporting Cradle Of Filth on their German tour, played some shows with Death By Dawn, Tankard and Paragon and had some festival appearances, e.g. at Fuck The Commerce-Festival. In the summer of 2007 Incubator entered the studio to record their new album "lieBISSlieder". The album is the resumee of the last few years, privately and businesswise. "It's the most logical thing we could do" says singer Chris, "it's our resumee of our career and our personal statement in our own words." "lieBISSlieder" is about relationships of all kind. It's another album containing a lot of rage and hatred. It is a true, modern and damned hard album, as honest as it could possibly be and for sure it will cause many different Questions and opinions. Incubator are presenting themselves with a new deal at a big record label, a good management, a solid line-up and in a good mood and they are ready to get in the ring. "We are motivated and more aggressive than ever," states Chris, "after so many years of success and failure we have collected an immense amount of experiences and mistakes and can finally concentrate on what was the reason to form this band 17 years ago: Hard, fast and true music, without making compromises, humanly or politically." The new Incubator album "lieBISSlieder" features a cover version of the Richthofen song "An die Wand/Der jüngste Tag" (including vocals of Dirk Weiss, ex-Warpath/Richthofen who now took over the bass at Incubator).