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Krisiun - Biography




Alternative Press rightfully crowned them one of the greatest death metal bands Earth has ever produced. Their bonds of blood brotherhood have been exalted by genre-founding bands as notable as Cannibal Corpse, and Immolation. The unwavering dedication to their musical vision demonstrated their allegiance to a creative impulse that would absolutely never be compromised. Formed in 1991, nurtured by the legacies of Slayer & Morbid Angel and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft & Aleister Crowley, Brazil's Krisiun had two heavily circulated demos (Evil Age and Curse Of The Evil One) in circulation throughout the metal underground. Now delivering their sixth album, Works Of Carnage, this latest endeavor continues to be a living embodiment of an ancient warrior culture that refutes extinction.

Translated as "the seers of abomination" in ancient Latin, Krisiun officially launched their soul-scarring extreme death metal with 1993's mini-CD Unmerciful Order, leading to a deal with Brazil's Dynamo Records, which in turn led to a contract with Germany's G.U.N. Records. With the release of 1995's Black Force Domain and 1998's Apocalyptic Revelation, a global audience was introduced to Krisiun's visceral and aggressive blitzkrieg. Between 1995 and 1999, the brothers secured opening slots in Europe with Dimmu Borgir/Kreator, Cradle Of Filth/Napalm Death/Borknagar, and Amon Amarth/God Dethroned/Gorgoroth/Morbid Angel tours, cementing their allegiance to the underground through the sweat and conviction of their seemingly tireless live performances.

While on a North American tour with Angel Corpse and Incantation, Krisiun stopped to play at the 1999 Milwaukee Metalfest, where they quickly stunned everyone with their intensity. Century Media quickly recognized their talent, and less than one year later came their devastatingly explosive new label debut called Conquerors Of Armageddon, produced by Hate Eternal/former Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan and engineered by Andy Classen (Rotting Christ/Asphyx). The band went on to exhaustively tour North America and Europe with Cannibal Corpse/Nile/The Crown, Immortal/Satyricon/Angel Corpse, and Dismember/Kataklysm/Shadows Fall, having stints of up to 72 shows with most of them back-to-back.

Produced by Tchello Martins and recorded at Creative Sound Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, 2001's Ageless Venomous continued the tradition of accolades, even from the mainstream. The band once again made the road their home on their North American Possession Tour with Dimmu Borgir, Cryptopsy & Diabolic and Immolation, in Japan with Ritual Carnage, in Brazil with Nevermore, in Europe with Cannibal Corpse & Kreator, with Vader, Decapitated & Prejudice, with Vader and Behemoth on the Thrash 'Em All Festival 2001, and with Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Nile, Dark Funeral & Vomitory on the X-Mass Fest 2001 Festival. The demand for their back catalogue led Century Media to re-issue both Black Force Domain and Apocalyptic Revelation with bonus tracks and improved layouts that same year.

Yes, the Pierre Rémillard (Cryptopsy)-produced, Bebop Studios-recorded Works Of Carnage is trauma-inducing, but more importantly, it reacquaints you with Krisiun's colossal technicality. Listen closely to the guitar to better appreciate Moyses Kolesne's feats of strength, influenced by his knowledge of classical guitar. Absorb the sinister jazz-like precision of Max Kolesne's incendiary drum work. Lastly, never underestimate the power of Alex Camargo's bass work and rotting-corpse vocals to invoke another epidemic of The Black Plague. These warrior brothers lived through it once; they'll survive it again. Take heed, disbelievers: Krisiun's mechanical impossibilities aren't weapons against a killing machine, they constitute the killing machine.