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Since the early 80s, the name Sinner has stood like a rock in the surf, a brand name for strong metal that get under the skin. Their new album "There will be Execution" will be released on 20.01.03 and will be definitely the strongest album in the legendary band's history. You will get 11 neck-crushing tracks that show Sinner from their strongest side, creating instantly recognizable and memorable heavy metal. Mat Sinner (vocals, bass) explained to German Hammer Magazine, "We would like to record an album without any chorus, orchestra and overdubs - a rock n' roll album which shows the elemental power of metal!"

With "There will be Execution" the band maintains its top position in the German rock and metal scene, lasting and very impressive. In the glorious 80s , Sinner presented itself as one of Germany's premier acts along side bands like Accept or Helloween and with songs like "Touch of Sin" or "Coming Out Fighting". They will be forever immortalized on the metal Mt. Olympus. Songs like "Knife in my Heart," "Born to Rock" or " Germany Rocks" rely on the German cultural property and establish Sinner as an international trademark. After a short rest, Mat Sinner was back with his magnificant solo album "Back to the Bullet," which incorporated aspects of the previous albums but was a bit more "rock n' roll" and "dirty." In the mid '90s Sinner came back with albums like "Bottom Line" and "Judgement Day" and overall great reviewed liveshows in Europe. In 1998, the band had their greatest commercial success with "The Nature Of Evil," which achieved position 63 in the German Top 100 album charts. After that Sinner, went on tour as special guests to rock giants Deep Purple and proved itself to more than 60,000 fans.

Sinner was here for good. With this ringing endorsement, nothing could go wrong in 1999 at the Wacken Open Air where Sinner impressed more than 20,000 fans. Sinner welcomed the new millenium with their new masterpiece "The End of Sanctuary," which was also successful in the German Charts at position 87. After a tour with DIO, the band members concentrated on other musical projects like "Primal Fear" and "Saxon" and collected fresh energy for their new clap of thunder " There will be Execution". The album was again recorded at the House Of Music Studio and produced by Mat Sinner. The opening songs "Higher Level Of Violence" and "There Will be Execution" show the unique way of Sinner, anno 2003. Rough, uncomproimising and full of power! With the songs "Requiem For A Sinner," "Finalizer" and " God Raises The Dead," Sinner is again successful in creating an uncomparable power and to define the word "guitar riff" in a new way and don't forget the outstanding drums of Saxon/Sinner drum legend Fritz Randow, who again proves that he is one of the most powerful drummers on this planet.

The outstanding guitar twins Tom Naumann and Henry Wolter know always which situation they have to offer the so-called " Atomic Dur" riffs & leads. Opon that, Mat Sinner convinces with his typical and sovereign bass and his well known raw rock n' roll feeling in his voice. The slower riff-rockers "Locked & Loaded" and "Die On Command" are layden with the typical Sinner groove and the live performance will take the fans to euphoria. Of course, Sinner serves also the melodic rock fans with the song "The River" which is really an "earworm" but shows also the dark side of the band. Groovy sounds will be found on "Liberty Of Death" and "Black Monday." With " Crown Of Thorns," an accoustic ballad ends the CD, showcasing a dark atmosphere. "There Will be Execution" is an unbelievable album that leads traditional metal to inexhaustible variety, musical authority and sensational melodies. The album comes out in the first edition as a limited Double-CD inclusive the 3-Track Single "Wherever I May Roam", which will be avaliable just in this edition
Again, the band showed on their live shows, that they still kick ass and are the real deal. They played with their labelmates HammerFall in Germany, for the first time in the US at the New Jersey Metalfest and two exciting performances at the Wacken Open Air and the Summer Breeze Open Air - SINNER will be there forever!

In Novermber 2006, Christof Leim (of The Traceelords) jpined the band as second guitarist