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Hanging Garden - Biography



In summer 2004 Matti and Ari decide to start a band playing slow doomy metal. The idea is to combine qualities of their existing bands, Matti's dark rock act Shamrain and Ari's thrashing death metal band Dauntless into something special. Their mutual friend Janne is asked to play drums.

During the following winter, the first tunes are written for the band, but the real start doesn't take place until spring 2005. At that time Matti and Janne put their former band, Grayscale into rest and finally have the time the band needs to get things going. Shamrain guitarist Mikko is recruited to play guitar and the first rehearsals take place.

The recordings of the first promo-CD start during the autumn and winter and a secong guitarist, Saku, is recruited to boost the sound. The band is named 'Hanging Garden' and the first form of the promo-CD finally sees the light of day just in time for the Finnish Metal Expo in February 2006. Some 2-song promos are given away to labels and medias, and the 'official' 3-song version is finished two months later. Only a couple of weeks later Hanging Garden inks a deal with Spikefarm Records.