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This was the logo appearing on Thyrfing's fifth studio album, "Farsotstider." From 2005 and onward, it is used as the official logo of the band on their website and forum, in their new merchandise, and it represents them on concert posters.

This was the logo used on Thyrfing's fourth studio album, "Vansinnesvisor", and from 2002 to early 2005 it was the band's official logo used on their website, in their merchandise, and on concert posters.

This was the logo Thyrfing used on the first three of their studio albums: "Thyrfing", "Valdr Galga", and "Urkraft."


The band is formed by Joakim Kristensson [drums, vocals], Patrik Lindgren [guitar], Kimmy Sjölund [bass] and Peter Löf [synthesizer]. A first demo tape is recorded and spread out to local fanzines and distribution companies.

Thomas Väänänen joins as vocalist. A second demo tape is recorded and spread to numerous local and international record labels.

The band signs a record deal with Dutch label Hammerheart Records. In the summer, the debut album is recorded together with Tomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby at Sunlight Studios.

Shortly after the release of the self-titled album, Vintras [ex-Funeral Mist] joins the band on guitar. After a short time he is disbanded, just before the band enters the studio for recording the second album. After the recordings, which took place in Abyss Studio with Tommy Tägtgren, Henrik Svegsjö [ex-Ancient Winds] joins as second guitarist.

"Vladr Falga" is released and the band makes its first live appearance outside of Sweden at the Dynamo Open air. Shortly after, Thyrfing embark on its first tour together with Six Feet Under, Vader, Enslaved, Cryptopsy and Nile.

Thyrfing participate in 1 mini tours in Germany and the Benelux Area, during the Spring together with Primordial and Shadowbreed. The third album "Urkraft" is coming together and is released in the fall.

After a single live appearance at the Motala Metal Fest in Sweden, the band enters Dug-Out Studio with Daniel Bergstrand to start the recording of the fourth album.

The album is finished during the Spring and "Vansinnesvisor" get slate summer release. A Benelux Mini tour with Cruachan and Shadowbreed follows at the end of the year.

Further live conquering, including a mini-tour with Barathrum and Skyforger in Finland, Hammerheart's Generation Armageddon festivals tour and two successful festivals at 2000 Decibel in Sweden and Wacken Open Air in Germany.

A year of low activity for the band. Henrik spends half a year at New Zealand and the band goes on writing new material for the next album.

In the beginning of the year, Thyrfing signs up with Swedish label Regain Records. After half a year of recording and production, "Farsotstider" is released towards the end of the year. Before that, Thyrfing appear at Sweden Rock Festival, as well as some other gigs in Germany, The Netherlands and first visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Thyrfing makes their first appearance in the US at the Heathen Crusade Metal Fest in Minneapolis together with Moonsorrow and Primordial. In late summer, the band performs three major European festivals: Gates Of Metal [Sweden], Party San and Summer Breeze [Both in Germany]. Toni Kockmut does his first performance live with the band. During these gigs, supporting with choir and clean vocals.

After a decade in the band, both Thomas Väänänen and Henrik Svegsjö decide to leave Thyrfing, due to lack of the motivation needed for another album. Jens Rydén [founding member and ex-vocalist of Naglfar] is recruited as new vocalist, while the band decides to go on with Patrick as the only guitar player for the time being. After the new line-up was formed, the writing of the next album kept the band busy for the rest of the 2007.

In the Spring, the band started the recordings of the sixth album "Hels Vite" together with engineer/co-producer Jörgen Svensson at Tyron Studios. The Album was finished during the summer and is out October 22 through Regain Records.