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Necrophobic - Biography





Necrophobic was formed in Stockholm, Sweden the year 1989 by guitarist David Parland and drummer Joakim Sterner to give the world a band that created unholy death metal. Around this time, most bands played death metal in the veins of Carcass,

Napalm Death etc. Necrophobic had a bit different influences and focused more on to create a much more dark and evil sounding music, in the beginning influenced by Morbid Angel, Slayer and Bathory.

During the "underground years" 1990-1992, the band build up a great reputation with the demo tapes "Slow Asphyxiation" (1990), "Unholy Prophecies" (1991) and the limited vinyl-ep "The Call" (1992). The great sales of these releases proved that Necrophobic was not "just another band".

Necrophobic thought the time was right to move on and started to contact a few labels to get a record contract. Black Mark Production responded after just two days and it turned out to be the label the band signed with. In March 1993, members David Parland (guitar), Tobias Sidegård (bass), Anders Strokirk (vocals) and Joakim Sterner (drums) entered the studio and recorded the debut album (the nowaday legendary) "The Nocturnal Silence" which saw the light of day a few weeks later. Nine songs of pure blasphemous death metal to set the most demanding listeners hearts in flames. Even though the death metal scene had become crammed with bands, "The Nocturnal Silence" got top scores in most magazines over the world and found itself directly into the German magazine Rock Hard's chart in the 9th position. A few months later, vocalist Anders Strokirk decided to leave the band. Tobias Sidegård took over the vocal part and the band also added a guitarist in Martin Halfdan.

Being a very self-critical band, Necrophobic had some troubles getting the new material together for the next album. It wasn't that they didn't come up with material. No, it was more that it didn't satisfy the members to 100%. As the band felt that they've been "away" from the scene a little too long, they decided to release a mini-album, entitled "Spawned by Evil". With this foretaste of what to expect by the forthcoming 2nd full length album "Darkside", took the world by storm. Still, around the time for the release of "Spawned by Evil" (spring 1996), guitarist David Parland decided to leave the band.

Necrophobic continued as a 3-piece for a while, but later found a replacement for the vacant spot in guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt (previously from the band Morpheus).

In February 1997, the wait was over. "Darkside" was released. People's expectations were high. Could the band top the previous releases? The answer was yes. Again, the world press and the fans agreed. "Darkside" is a "milestone" - were the most common reactions to the album and again, the band got top scores from most magazines and the underground press from all over the world. On this album, Necrophobic had moved further in the dark and evil domains. As most of the death metal bands seemed to slow down their death metal sound and music and become more "easy listened", Necrophobic did the opposite...they speeded up, became rawer sounding and so forth.

In the winter 1999, it was time for the 3rd full length album. Necrophobic was ready for war again with and "The Third Antichrist"was released. The music was still very much as before, yet developed! However, the dark and haunting evil feeling, that is the band's trademark, was not lost here. On the contrary! The great and positive response from the world was still there and the band also started to play more abroad.

During the festival shows in Germany in August 2000, guitarist Martin Halfdan told the band that he would leave to continue play a different kind of extreme metal. Also, around that time, Necrophobic got contacted by Guido Heijnens from Hammerheart Records, who investigated the possibility for the band to do a label change. Necrophobic had also talked about doing something about their situation. Releasing killer album after killer album and keeping the great and high standard the band has, without getting much in return from Black Mark Production, was really annoying for Necrophobic. The members felt that "why stay with that label and waste our talent on them?". After months of negotiating back and forth, the band left Black Mark Production and signed with Hammerheart Records in April 2001. During this period, the band had just found the replacement for Martin Halfdan in Johan Bergebäck (previously from the band Morpheus).

Necrophobic felt reborn and started to complete the material for the 4th full lenght album. Feeling fresh air into the band, having a new record label that the band feel have great potentials and do the band justice, the writing of the new material went very easy. In short, the new album "Bloodhymns" is quite equal to "The Third Antichrist", but with a far more aggressive and heavier production. Ten songs that will make you bleed ´til death! The northen warriors have returned to conquer!!!

After touring on the "Bloodhymns"-album, the record label transformed into Karmageddon Media, but the band felt that they had to move-again. Things didn't feel right and there was alot of rumours that increased the bad feeling towards the label. There was also badly run business. If the label is not steady and can not back up a band, it indirect influences the band creativity and it was hard to work.

In the end of 2004, Swedish record label Regain Records approached the band and explained why an agreement between both parts should work out. During 2005, new material was written and business was solved with old parts and new parts, as Necrophobic signed a new deal with Regain Records.

In November 2005, Necrophobic entered the studio to record their most epic album of all time. A new chapter is open. The music on the new album "Hrimthursum" is the most varied to date, both musically and lyrically, and even if the album lasts for almost 60 minutes, you feel like you just started listening to it. It's a journey you will never want to leave!

Necrophobic has always stayed true to their style and will do as long as the band will exist. Their music will surely bring chills down your spine. Put their albums on and find yourselves getting possessed with them!!!