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Eisregen is a German dark metal band from Tambach-Dietharz, Thuringia. The band was founded in 1995 by M. Roth, Bursche Lenz, Yantit and Daniel "DF" Fröbing. Eisregen plays a blend of black and gothic metal with morbid German lyrics. With their third demo "Das Ende des Weges" (The End of the Path) the band landed a record deal with Last Episode Productions and released their first full-length "Zerfall" (Decay) in 1998.

In the summer of 1998 violist Theresa "2T" Trenks joined the band and henceforth had considerable impact on Eisregen's sound shifting it more towards string-based dark metal. At the end of the same year "Krebskolonie" (Cancer Colony) was released which fans consider to be their best album up to today, followed by "Fleischfestival" (Flesh Festival) in 1999, "Leichenlager" (Cadaver Camp) in 2000 and "Farbenfinsternis" (Color Darkness) in 2001.

It was about this time that German authorities took notice of the band's morbid and brutal lyrics. Contrary to most other gore metal bands Eisregen's lyrics are in German and were therefore considered even more "harmful for the mental health" of the German youth. "Farbenfinsternis" was indexed, so that it wasn't allowed to be sold to minors and no advertisement was to be made for this album anymore. Songs from this album were still allowed to be played live to an adult audience. "Krebskolonie" on the other hand became strictly prohibited, so that its songs weren't allowed to be played live anymore. Many of its songs still are played live though, slightly altered lyrically and musically, so that the performed songs cannot be deemed identical with the prohibited ones anymore, such as "Thüringen 2005", which was also released on the EP "Hexenhaus" (Witch's House) and which differs in just one word from the original "Thüringen" of the indexed "Krebskolonie".

Even though this restriction of distribution made it hard for the band to gain commercial success, Eisregen has released three more full-length albums in the meantime, namely "Wundwasser" (Wound Water) in 2004 (indexed in 2007), "Blutbahnen" (Blood Tracks) in 2007 and their newest offering "Knochenkult" (Bone Cult) in September 2008.

For many years the album title "Menschenmaterial" (Human Resources) has been lingering in the air to be the band's final album. But with a renewed contract with Massacre Records it might take a while until the world and the German authorities get rid of Eisregen any time soon...