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Ablaze My Sorrow - Biography



Ablaze My Sorrow was formed in the summer of 1993 by Magnus Carlsson (Guitar) and Martin Quist (Guitar/Vocals). Within a few weeks Anders Brorsson (Bass) and Fredrik Wenzel (Drums) joined the band to complete the line-up.

In the fall of 1993 they released their debut demo "For Brereavement We Cried". After the release of this demo, Fredrik Wenzel left the band. Shortly after this Alex Bengtsson joined the band as the new drummer.

A couple of month passed by before they finally entered the Höök Studios to record the promo track "The Song Of The Dancing Sins". With his track the band showed where they were heading. Into a more aggressive yet melodic form of Death Metal.

In the end of 1994 No Fashion made their first contact with the band, but nothing happened. So in January 1995 the band decided to once again enter the Höök Studio to record their second demo tape. This demo, which includes three tracks was simply entitled "Demo'95". These three tracks did also appear on their debut full length album "If Emotion Still Burns". After this demo Martin Quist decided to concentrate on his vocal duty only. And a new guitar player named Roger Johansson took over. At the same time the band signed for No Fashion Records.

During the summer of 1995 they entered Musik Maffian Studios in Varberg and recorded their debut full length album "If Emotion Still Burns". It contains eight tracks of aggressive, melodic and intense death metal. The front cover of "If Emotion Still Burns" was painted by Kristian Wåhlin. After the release of "If Emotion Still Burns", Roger Johansson left the band and where replaced by Dennie Linden. He found his place in the band directly.

During 1997 Ablaze My Sorrow went back to their rehearsal place to complete material for a new full length album. Shortly before the recording session of "The Plague", the bands second full length album, Martin Quist left the band and was replaced by Fredrik Arnesson. With this new line-up they recorded "The plague" during August and September'97 in Studiomega.

After the release of "The plague" there were some problems in the band and Magnus Carlsson left the band, he was replaced by Anders Lundin. Some months passed and the band decided to take a break to get some motivation back.

After a year the band started to rehearse again, this time with Magnus Carlsson back in the band together with the original singer Martin Qvist. But after a while Martin got tired of rehearsing so he left the band once again. A new singer joined the band, his name is Kristian Lönnsjö. With this line-up the band concentrated 100% on composing material for a new album. The work can be heard on their newest album "Anger, hate and fury" which was recorded at recordia Studios in Varberg/Sweden.

On August 16th of 2006 the band officially split up.