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2005: Geïst forms out of the ashes of its predecessor Eismalsott. The first album "Patina", featuring contributions and appearance of Eismalsott's mastermind Aínvar and recorded as an Eismalsott album, is released by Solistitium Records. The record soon sells out totally.

2006: Just one year after the debut album, the second one called "Kainsmal" is released by the German label Cold Dimensions. An LP version follows on Deviant Records in an edition of 287 copies (in transparent, red and black vinyl).

2007: "Patina" is released in a marvellous gatefold LP edition by Lost Souls Graveyard. Guitarist Renegade and bass player Padraiq have to leave the band. Hedrykk Floetz Gausenatt and Larva B. Caneer become members of the crew on guitars, Alboin switches to bass.

2008: ... is spent with intense work, rehearsals and the final production of the new album.

2009: The band releases their third album "Galeere" on Lupus Lounge, May 2nd. Re-Releases of the albums "Patina" and "Kainsmal" in re-worked editions appear on the horizon.

2010: GEÏST transform into EÏS in March 2010. Keymaster Faruk leaves the (definitely not sinking) ship, and Diana d'Hourtinet takes over his helm on the run. Since March, EÏS have withdrawn to their caverns to work on new music. Except a return later this year.
taken from the band's official Myspace