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Ingested - Biography




Manchester's Ingested we're originally named Age Of Suffering until a refreshed line-up endeavored in 2006.

Since forming in May 2006, Ingested have developed a positive and worthy reputation in the worlds underground death metal scene, ripping up the stage with a diversely brutal range of death metal/grindcore acts that reflect their punishing style of death metal. Some of these bands include Abysmal Torment, Amagortis, Amputated, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Avulsed, Beneath The Massacre, Baalphegor, Beef Conspiracy, Bludgeon, Carnal Decay, Cerebral Bore, Corpsing, Crepitation, Dawn Of Chaos, Dead Beyond Buried, Defeated Sanity, Degrade, Desecration, Despised Icon, Detrimentum, Diamanthian, Dying Fetus, Dyscarnate, Eternal Bleeding, Gorgasm, Goryptic, Immolation, Infected Disarray, Introrectalgestation, Jig-Ai, Kastrated, Malignant Tumour, Misery Index, Nailed, Napalm Death, Reth, Sanatorium, Severe Torture, Skinless, Spearhead, Theoktony, Thus Defiled and Visceral Bleeding.

The band moved forward quickly to release their debut Split CD with Crepitation and Kastrated, named "North-West Slam Fest" in February 2007 through UK label Grindethic Records, which gained them worldwide press, distribution, and fans.

Now working on their debut full-length album entitled "Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering", to be released late 2008. Anticipating fans can expect a ruthless collaboration of inhuman vocal attacks, ferocious riffs, devastatingly heavy slams, sickening breakdowns, and relentless battery.