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Les Discrets - Biography




Created in 2003 by Fursy Teyssier besides his old band Phest, Les Discrets (originally called Enfance) is the musical approach of Fursy Teyssier' s artistic research. Originally illustrator, Fursy tends to evoque the same in both music and animation/illustration: contemplative and esoteric atmospheres, feelings, fears and sensations related to our life and world. His paintings, music or lyrics are mostly about Nature, the feeling of Love and his fear of Death.

The name "Les Discrets" is actually a platform gathering music and art with which Fursy explores both of these concepts. Music helps to make pictures, pictures help to make music. The goal of Les Discrets is to link them in one single thing: an album.

In 2009, Les Discrets signed with Germany-based record label Prophecy Productions for a five-album contract. The first album "Septembre et ses dernières pensées" were recorded in french Drudenhaus Studio and produced by Neb Xort (Anorexia Nervosa, Ultravomit, ...) gathers songs that were composed spanning the past from 2003 to 2009.