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Coffinworm - Biography




Coffinworm formed under the watchful eye of Choronzon during the autumnal equinox of 2007. The first live assault was proffered forth in the vernal equinox of 2008, invoking ritual in support of Unearthly Trance. The band continued to gain momentum by playing live and constructing more tentacled hymns of doom and suffering to further unleash.

The winter solstice of 2008 saw the recording of the Great Bringer Of Night demo with executive war commander Iron Bob Fouts (ex-The Gates Of Slumber; Apostle Of Solitude) manning the boards at Basement Rage Studios. Great Bringer Of Night was released in May of 2009 spanning three editions total (all hand-screened, hand-assembled, and hand-numbered) as well as made available for free digital download. The release was well received by various online and print publications, most notably named "Best Demo of 2009" by Cosmo Lee in Decibel Magazine. The demo recordings were handed over to Profound Lore Records and an alliance was thus formed.

During the winter solstice of 2009 the band traveled to Semaphore Studios in Chicago to record When All Became None with filth pusher Sanford Parker. In March of 2010 the band consecrated several showcases at SXSW through excessive volume and all praise for the beast. When All Became None was released in April of 2010 and met with praise from Decibel, Invisible Oranges, Metal Maniacs, and Terrorizer Magazine (who had also named the album one of 2010's most anticipated releases) in addition to other publications. Seventh Rule Recordings unleashed the vinyl version of When All Became None in August of 2010. The band traveled eastward to Brooklyn and once again communed with Unearthly Trance for high volume rituals, making stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore before returning home. The remaining months of 2010 saw the band retooling personnel, with drummer C. moving to guitar and J. (longtime ally and artist behind the visuals of When All Became None) stepping in behind the kit.

Currently the band is constructing new hymns for what will comprise the second full-length on Profound Lore Records, as well as exclusive material for a forthcoming split with Fistula.