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Fear Of Domination - Biography




The story of Fear of Domination began in the summer 2006 when Saku, Jan-Erik and Jaakko started jamming and playing some songs together. FoD was still in a need of a bass player and had also thought of lead guitarist. So they grabbed Lauri with them, and after a while second guitarist Marko too. The first line-up of FoD was ready to go. Marko played with the band a couple of gigs but parted ways with the band only a few months after he had joined.

So FoD continued with one guitarist and played a while with this line-up. In summer 2007 FoD asked Johannes if he was interested to play with them. After a couple of days of thinking Johannes decided to join and brought speed, melody and technique to FoDs music with him. Things worked fine for a year and during that time FoD recorded their first official record, a demo named "Perfect World", and made several gigs across metropolitan area of Hellsinki.

Soon after they'd got going the band drifted into it's first crisis where almost half of the band members were ready to quit the whole thing. Fortunately, things were solved between the members and a few new arrangements were made which shaped a new base for the band.

Something was still missing and the guys knew exactly what it was. FoD had a couple of candidates for a new keyboard player. Niina stood clearly out of the crowd and was asked to join. Without hesitation she was in to play keyboards and gave FoD its "final touch". Also the spirit within the band grew a lot and they became almost as family members to each other.

After all the line-up changes FoD shifted a new gear and started to arrange synths in the old songs. When the fitting and arranging was done they went back to D-Studio, where they had recorded their demo, to record their first full-length debut, "Call of Schizophrenia". During the recordings a label named Osasto A got interested in the band. Not a long time after the studio they signed a deal with FoD.

In 2008 Saku decided to bring the underground-culture to life and organized an event named "MetalOrgy" in Nosturi. Organizing this, almost sold-out event, helped FoD to gain fame, connections and credibility which also helped to get the deal with Osasto A. This event was, and still is, dedicated to industrial-metal mainly, but also to smaller bands regardless of their genre.

After the first MetalOrgy the debut, "Call of Schizophrenia", came out in spring 2009 and was accepted warmly by the people. FoD started doing bigger gigs with bigger names like Turmion Kätilöt. Although 3 out of 6 members were in the army, the band was not to slow down its pace. FoD was seen on stage in Virgin Oil Co., Nosturi, Henry's Pub, etc. all across Finland.

In turn of the year 2010 when the last members, Jaakko and Jan-Erik, got out of the army the band started to create a new song for the new world. The first single, "New World", from their second upcoming album was brought out to the public. It was their first "cyber-release" which is only found in the internet.

During the year FoD started having problems again, this time with the drummer, Jaakko. The problem was discussed and the band realized they had no other choice than to let Jaakko go. But it didn't take long to find a new gunman for the drums. Vesa Ahlroth, the mastermind behind FoDs drum-technics, was promoted. This (m)animal was an old friend of the band so it didn't take long to consider him as the part of the family.

The old songs were taught to the drummer beast. After all the old tricks were taught, it was time to create new ones. FoD started composing new songs and also started thinking their image and promotion. After a total make-over of their image they signed a deal with "Masa-Daddy" who became their manager/promoter and would guide them in the evil world of music business.