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Wormfood was created in Rouen (Upper Normandy, France) in january 2001, by Emmanuel "El Worm" Lévy (vocals, guitar) and Romain Yacono (bass), after the split-up of their former black metal bands Outward Ceremony and Bloodthirst. In may 2001, the duet released a first demo in a thrash/indus metal vein, which allowed them to find a drummer : Alexis Damien.

One year later, the first eponymous album of the band was released. Stating a dark avantgardist metal, grim and chaotic, it prefigured a very personal direction towards which the group wanted to mature. The positive reviews allowed Wormfood to begin to make a name in France. In 2004, the band included Tim Zecevic as a keyboardist, so as to develop the orchestral aspect of the compositions and to perform live. In the meantime, the composition of the following album, with baroque and theatrical ambitions, began. It is in fact Axel Wursthorn, from Carnival In Coal, that brought his knowledge to the production of this album, entitled "Jeux d'Enfants". This promotional disc - with a scandalous artwork inspired from Walt Disney - led the group to ink a deal with the cult Italian label Code666/Aural Music. Frederic "Berserk" Patte-Brasseur (Ataraxie, Funeralium) joined the line-up at that time.

At the end of 2005, "France" was released, consisting in a re-recorded version of "Jeux d'Enfants", produced once again by Axel Wursthorn at the Walnut Groove Studio, for a worldwide distribution. Wormfood invited more than thirty chorus singers and intrumentalists, recorded two covers of his major influences Type O Negative and Serge Gainsbourg. "France" received excellent international reviews and between 2005 and 2006, Wormfood started to tour (opening for Born From Pain & Six Feet Under at the Blast Fest, a short tour in Holland with Ataraxie and Officium Triste, Killer Fest, VS Fest 2, etc.). In the meantime, Alexis, Tim and El Worm joined the live line-up of Carnival In Coal.

In september 2006, Alexis Damien was replaced by drummer Efflam Le Maho (Yorblind, 7th Nemesis). Shortly after, Tim Zecevic left the band. Wormfood focused on the compositon and recording of a new album, still produced by Axel Wursthorn, and invited Paul Bento (Carnivore, Type O Negative), on sitar and tanpura. Under the impulse of El Worm, who went through a very dark period of his life, the tone of this album, entitled " Posthume ", is resolutely depressive, intimist and frensh-speaking. Humourless, the songs carry out a close analysis of hearthache, suicide, addictions, illness and loneliness. In 2009, Wormfood dramatically splits-up, and the project remains idle.

In 2010, El Worm brings Wormfood back to life in an unexpected way, under a new line-up featuring Borgia, Embryonic Cells, Melted Space's members. " Posthume " is finally released on the 7th of January 2011, through record label MalaFortuna/Season of Mist. The band begins to perform live in March 2011.