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Arwen - Biography





ARWEN began in the middle of 1996 from an idea of JOSE A. GARRIDO (guitar) and LUISMA HERNANDEZ (bass) with the intention of reflect in their music a melodic metal with progressive and aggressive dyes.

In 1997 NACHO RUIZ joins the band as guitarist and vocalist, later he decicated only to the vocals. In this period, a mixture of ideas from the three composers gave its fruit and there appears songs of the current setlist with certain Celtic influence. MAMEN CASTANO became another incorporation, since the group needed the support of a female voice for sweeter and softer tones.

NACHO ARRIAGA's incorporation (drums), ROSALVA ALONSO (keyboards) and ALBERTO AVILES (guitar) carried out throughout 1999. The same year the band recorded the demo "At The End..." with the one that performed several concerts sharing stage with bands as DEF CON DOS or SEGURIDAD SOCIAL giving place to, during 2000, be part in several contests like Villa De Madrid.

After this facts, during these two years, the band considers a professional career in music. This new mentality takes them, due to their passion for the spectacle and the live show, to the incorporation of an eights member, who finally would be JONATHAN ZAPATERO (keyboards), becoming a group of a powerful live and without sampled parts: This fact is the reason of Arwen's line-up with eight members.

Arwen signs with Arise Records in December 2001, and in May 2002 they released their first album "Memories Of A Dream" and also the Helloween's cover "March Of Time" who will be included in "The Keepers Of Jericho Part II" tribute to Helloween.

"Memories Of A Dream" introduces a band with very clear ideas, a defined particular sound and many new things to contribute to the current musical scene. "Memories..." is edited in Europe, E.E.U.U, Russia, Greece, Mexico and Taiwan, with a very good acceptance and finally in Japan, where Arwen has achieved the major number of sales.

During the "Memories" tour JONATHAN ZAPATERO" decides to leave the band to continue with his personal side projects and career in London. After trying several new keyboard players they choose their new member; JAVI DIEZ. With this stable line-up they could finish their tour and start working in the next record.

After several months of hard work, composing and preparing the new songs, the band shuts themselves in the New Life Studios to record the second album "Illusions" which was released in November 2004. This new work, according to the reviews, overcomes undoubtedly all the created expectations.