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Lalu - Biography

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Vivien Lalu initiated "LALU" during the autumn of 2003. After working two times as composer for Hubi Meisel, he felt that it was time to finally produce an album of his own and compose music without "restrictions". Using leftovers from the actual Meisel sessions and other ideas he had on tape since a while, Vivien named his debut album "ONIRIC METAL" after the comments of some people who described his music as a kind of "dream" or "mood" metal. While some parts try to maintain the same "dreamy" vibe, the material sounds more aggressive than ever.

Vivien recruited a few session players to help him realize his vision. None could have done a better job on O.M. than the solid team of Ryan Van Poederooyen (from 'The Devin Townsend Band' on drums), Russell Bergquist (formerly from 'Annihilator' / bass) and JoOp Wolters (The JoOp Wolters Trio / Dutch guitar virtuoso) together. For the vocal duties, Vivien called up for Martin LeMar (now frontman for german proggers Tomorrow's Eve) to join him and bring the music to another level.

Since, O.M. has been welcomed pretty good worldwide and LALU changed its lineup to a more stable "band" lineup, in order to be able to tour in the future (the members basically coming from different continents).