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Cannibal Corpse - Biography





Back in Buffalo, NY in 1989 the breaking up of two bands, Tirant Sin and Beyond Death, resulted in the creation of a monster called "Cannibal Corpse". The group recorded a demo in Niagara Falls, NY entitled "Cannibal Corpse", not "Suffocation" like many of you think.

The demo caught the eye of Metal Blade Records and the band was signed right away. The birth of "Eaten' Back To Life" was the first step to being the gods of death metal.

There have been several changes in the line-up throughout the bands's history, First the departure of Bob Rusay. Listen to the first album & you will understand why. Without Jack Owen, the guitar-playing on the album would sound like mud. The acquisition of fellow Buffalonian Rob Barrett, who had also played in Dark Deception, Solstice and Malevolent Creation was a welcomed change. Rob left Cannibal Corpse in late 97' to persue other areas.

Next came the departure of Chris Barnes who later formed his own band, Six Feet Under. This occured during the recording of "Vile" which was, at the time, tentatively entitled "Created to Kill". Thats where George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher came into play. He has been a change for the better and has done a great job in filling the shoes of a great singer for his time.

The newest member is Pat O'Brien, formerly of Nevermore and Monstrosity . He is by far the best replacement they could have found.

Cannibal Corpse is without question one of the most infamous bands in music history. Banned in Australia, New Zealand and Korea and forbidden to perform material live from their first 3 albums in Germany (where sale of "Butchered at Birth" is outlawed completely), the band's mad odyssey of gore, guts and brutality has made them constant fodder for the national mainstream media. Both loved and reviled, Jim Carrey requested their appearance in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and one time presidential candidate Bob Dole affectionately held them responsible for the lack of morality in society. And due to the general public's uneasiness with the sight of blood, all album covers require a watered down censored version. All this and they were the first death metal band to debut on the Billboard 200 with the release of band's now legendary "Vile". Cannibal Corpse's legacy as the most extreme, sick metal band on Earth continues...

For the recording of "Bloodthirst", Cannibal Corpse recruited producer Colin Richardson, the man responsible for some of the most ground breaking metal recordings from Carcass, Napalm Death and Fear Factory, all world-renowned purveyors of extreme metal. The result is band's the thickest, heaviest, tightest record in the band's career. Recorded at Village Studios in the border town of El Paso TX, away from the band's home base of Tampa FL, the change of scenery provided the backdrop these genre defining sickos needed to create the very last true metal record of this century.

In the past, the 700 club, Bob Dole and a lot of closed-minded people have tried unsuccessfully to stop Cannibal Corpse in their quest to make the heaviest, most brutal music possible. As for the future, who knows? They will continue to make music as long as there are fans out there who continue to support the band.