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Hailing from the Canadian wasteland known as Edmonton, Mortillery are on a mission to deliver true thrash metal! Mortillery stand out with their holocaustic riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists such as Judas Priest, English Dogs, Warfare, Broken Bones, Iron Maiden, Crucifix, Slayer, W.A.S.P. and early Metallica, the unstoppable force of Mortillery is reminiscent of the glory days of Bay Area Thrash as well as the primal aggression of intense hardcore/punk. A must have for fans of The Accused, Anthrax, Death Angel, Destruction, Detente, Discharge, Razor, Sacrilege, Sentinel Beast, Tankard, Toxic Holocaust, Violator and Znowhite

The band started in October of 2008 with Emily Smits on drums, Alex Gutierrez on guitar and Miranda Wolfe on bass. Shortly after Cara McCutchen joined the band after realizing the band was in need of some vocals. James Guiltner was added as a lead guitarist to finish up what was the original line up.
Shortly after we parted ways on good terms with James. Alexander Scott then joined the band.
Kevin Gaudet replaced Emily in the line-up in May 2010, and we released a self titled EP.

On February 2011 Mortillery went into the studio to record their first Full-Length "Murder Death Kill" which was first released with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. For a year the band worked hard playing as many shows as possible, promoting the independent release of their new album.

In March 2012, Mortillery signed to Napalm Records and re-released "Murder Death Kill" worldwide. The album was well received and made it's mark within the metal community.

"Murder Death Kill" was merely the beginning and just the calm before the storm. Without a single warning, in February 2013, all hell breaks loose on the new album "Origin of Extinction" and Mortillery leaves nothing but a path of destruction in their wake. This is the powerful meeting point of aggression and melody! "Origin of Extinction" is the album that elevates Mortillery from the status of an insiders' tip to the next league of Thrash Metal!

Later that summer, Mortillery had the opportunity to share the stage with Skeletonwitch, Suffocation, Holy Grail, Cauldron and others.

Lead guitarist Alex Scott decided to leave the band and in October 2013, Kent Quinlan joined Mortillery.

The band has recently been picked up on a European tour with Sepultura, Legion Of The Damned and Flotsam & Jetsam in February 2014. As well, they have already begun writing their third album...Mortillery is ready to take the world full force with no plans to quit!