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Kingfisher Sky - Biography




Together with singer Judith Rijnveld, Ivar de Graaf (ex-Within Temptation) explored a way to combine both their influences into songs that didn't bound themselves to a specified genre or style. With influences like Porcupine Tree and Kate Bush, but also classical singers as Cecilia Bartoli and traditional Folk music in their mind they started recording songs in their home studio in 2005. They were joined by bass-player Eric Hoogendoorn (ex-Orphanage).

After completing 7 songs they signed a deal with Suburban Records in November of 2006. Soon after this Ivar and Judith joined forces with lifetime friend and guitarist Edo van de Kolk, guitarist Daan Janzing and George van Olffen on the keys. Kingfisher Sky was complete.

In May of 2007 Kingfisher Sky recorded their first album Hallway Of Dreams produced by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) and Bouke Visser (Split Second Sound). This debut album was released in October of 2007 by Suburban Records. Hallway Of Dreams was received with great reviews and a successful head-line tour throughout the Netherlands. Little over a year later this rock solid debut album was released in the United States. Soon after Italy, the UK, France, Japan and Germany followed.

The musical icing on the cake was provided by adding cellist Maaike Peterse to the band. In the months following Kingfisher Sky went through some changes within the band. David Gutiérrez Rojas and Chris Henny joined Kingfisher Sky after George van Olffen and Daan Janzing decided to pursue other musical interests.

On September the 18th 2010, Kingfisher Sky released their second album, titled Skin Of The Earth. Much like their first album Hallway Of Dreams, Skin Of The Earth was received with raving reviews. With the perfect blend of all of their musical influences, Kingfisher Sky takes you on a musical journey with a lot of surprises along the road.