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Hobbs' Angel Of Death - Biography




In the late 80s, memorable group Tyrus were spreading death & evil to live venues around Australia. Led by Peter Hobbs, Tyrus quickly became a household name & a leader in Demonic Metal Direction. The band is one of the first Australian groups to perform European style Thrash Metal.

With the impressive writing skills of Peter Hobbs, the Australian Metal Scene came to light led by tunes like Marie Antoinette & Chainsaw Massacre amongst others of heavy-handed metal. The name of Tyrus... soon changed into the Slayer-inspired "Angel Of Death" which was lengthened soon after to become the now classic name Hobbs' Angel Of Death.

Hobbs' Angel Of Death teamed up with some of the best musicians in town, who then went to Melbourne's Doug Saunders Studios and recorded their first 6-track demo simply titled "Angel Of Death". This demo was produced at extremely low costs, within only a few short hours & with sustained supreme quality. This demo achieved sales of over 1200 copies in a very short space of time and attracted the attention of international record labels. With many new compositions complete, a new demo superseded the first effort and immediately secured a record deal with SPV/Steamhammer.

Hobbs' Angel Of Death left for Berlin to Harris Johns (famous producer for Voivod, Kreator, Helloween a.o.) to record their self-titled album whilst the cover-art was painted by Sebastian Kruger (who produced the covers for bands like Tankard, Destruction and numerous other super groups).

The band released two studio albums, Hobb's Angel Of Death (1988) and Inheritance (1995).

Reformed in 2002, the band releases a compilation album, Hobbs' Satan's Crusade (2003 - which are the 2 re-mastered demo's "Virgin Metal Invasion From Down Under" & "Angel Of Death"). The band played a European tour including an appearance at Wacken Open Air, and shows with German thrash group Destruction and black metallers Mayhem.

The band is back, plays numerous live shows in Australia and went on a European club- and festival tour in 2012.

While working on a new album, the band will again hit European shores in the Summer of 2013 for another long club- and festival tour.

Hobbs' Angel Of Death remains one of the most important metal phenomenon from the Oz metal scene and is one of the most influential Australian metal artist the world has ever heard.

(Bio from Facebook)