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Décembre Noir - Biography




The Foundation of a band is always based on someone´s impulse to create something satisfying the own ambition - to find the point of contact with the own musical sense.
To look into their own preference to music and to the own thoughts by playing their instruments, Daniel (dr.) and Sebastian (gt.) decided to coact in making music in the year 2008.

The first songs were formed aimlessly and without a clear style. Should this stay a two-man-project and should the songs be only recorded on cd? Or Should they form a band? YES was the answer to the second question and it was the right one. From this time on Marcel (gt.), Mike (bs.) and last but not least Lars (vc.) framed the new character impressing the songs of Decembre Noir - The band was born.

Influences of every bandmember became noticeable, gave impressions to the melodies with many new facets and created the new style of Decembre Noir. Songs often were developed only by the interaction in a pleasant atmosphere.

In autumn 2012 the first studioalbum will be born, but before this happens the band will to be seen in some concerts all over Germany.