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Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions lyrics


01. Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam


02. Chapel Of Abuse

On these benches
Beneath the stained glass lights
We're waiting
Under our saviour's eyes
He's weeping
His bloodied tears
Are flowing
From our tortured rears

I'm but a servant
I'm but a vessel for your light
I will endure my painful plight
The holy law and order
Oh, was it worth it?
Oh, is your hunger satisfied?
For carnal pleasure and delight
Beneath the angel's choir

The statues
Of all the holy saints
The carpets
With those treacherous stains
They witness
Oh, the stories they'd tell
His blessings -
An altar boy's hell

03. A Shadow In The Dormitory

Under amber skies
I repent my faults
Midst them golden fields
In the lap of Father Gibault
For I don't deserve God's love

At night's darkening
'Neath the sheets I crawl
Laying harkening
For his heavy steps
Sounding across the hall

Sleeping, sweating, choking, dreaming
Turning, cramping, waking, screaming,
Sacred saviour, holy mother
Spare me, save me, from that shadow on the wall

And I ask of thee
Teach me humble life
Save my rotten soul
Fustigate all vice
Out of my foul core

And Charlie has already left
To be a shade on his own
And Will already wrote
With lipstick on the walls

Burning, beating, pain infliction
Whipping, striking, torment's diction
Sacred saviour, holy mother
There's no running from that shadow on the wall

04. Alone With The Cross

Within the halls of the monastery
I walk the corridors in silence
A vow of abstinence and piety I made
To attain peace and holy guidance

All earthly pleasures I've forsworn
But when I'm desperate and forlorn

I take the crucifix down from my chamber wall
Longing to feel the Lord inside of me
The tempting body of christ puts me at a loss
My gut it hurts whenever I am
Alone with the cross

His wooden symbol bringing warmth and light
To where the sun is never shining
Makes me tremble with unholy ecstasy
Oh God, thy mercy I confide in

For this I can never atone
Heavenly father please condone

I take the crucifix down from my chamber wall
Longing to feel the Lord inside of me
The tempting body of christ puts me at a loss
My gut it hurts whenever I am
Alone with the cross

Defiled and broken, His image in my hands
Damned is my godforsaken soul
My oath no longer worth a toss
I weep in shame and bitter loss
Alone with my cross

05. The Hallowed Leech

All mortal flesh must heed the call

The earthly servant fears the fall
Not quite that holy after all
Insignia and ornaments
Are futile in the face of Death

For the delegate of God
They shall give their pristine blood
Sweet young life to fill his veins
And thus bring him back again

Three coins and glory shall be paid
Prepared are needles, pins and blades
The scarlet stream in cascades flows
A blessing in their dying throes

For the vicegerent of God
You shall give your pristine blood
Your young vigor in his veins
Shall prolong his holy reign

06. Poor Sisters Of Nazareth

The choking fears
The children's tears
The sisters' lap
The congregation

Plain cruelty
And agony
Behind the mask
Of veneration

A mother's love
Promised the coif
A place to live
For lonely children

But in the night
They suffer blight
The vile touch
Of the truncheon

And when the storm begins
Above the convent spire
There is no God in here
Here's but infernal fire
The walls are closing in
On youthful lives so dire

A day at sea
As something was lost
Among the waves

Her tiny arms
They struggled hard
Against the drift
To no avail

Come heavy rain
Wash off the pain
Wash off the stains
And memories
Dare not to sleep
Dare not to weep
Dare not to speak
Keep silence

And so they reign
By dread and pain
In lightless days

For you are dirt
You shall be hurt
Your soul is cleansed
By being broken

And to this day
The demons stay
Within me

There's no relief
There's just reprieve
The will of God
Is tribulation

07. To Those In The Grave

A myriad of broken souls
Adrift in despair
Twisted and torn apart
Marred by the cross

?Obey your earthly masters, just as you would obey Christ " (Ephesians 6:5) - Amen

And tell me what do you see
When you take a glance at yourself?
And how do you justify
Your ways to those in the grave?

In sorrow they hung themselves
Unable to cope
Even the few living are dead inside
Still you preach on

"If you keep my commands, you'll remain in my love" (John 15:10) - Amen

And tell me how do you plead
When God inquires your heart and soul?
And say can you bear
Turning over to those in the grave?

08. When God Is Not Watching

Within these hallowed halls
We work, we pray
Beneath these sacred arcs
I seek your eyes
Each day

Whenever I behold your smile
I burn with silent ecstasy
And I'm sensing that you feel alike
Whenever you glance back at me

And when the lonely nights
Descend on me
I shed despairing tears
No soul must ever see

For only when God is not watching
We can have the love we crave
And if they ever find you in my arms
We'll be united in an unmarked sinner's grave

But I promise I will bear the pain
The longing I'll endure for thee
A man cannot lie with another man
Except when our God is not watching? maybe