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Mörk Gryning - Hinsides Vrede lyrics


01. The Depths Of Chinnereth

Music by Avathar

02. Fältherren

Music by Gorgon
Slaget stomar, kanoner ryter
Gemon gräset, blodet flyter
Solen bränner, Döende kroppar
Solen slunker sakta ned

Allt är förbi
De döendes klagan stiger upp mot skyn

Slaget är över, jag har bescgrat alla
För mig har ni stridit, för mig har ni fallit

För ära kom du hit, för ära gick du i mitt led
För ära har du blivit del av min skörd

Pä sin svarta märr han rider upp
Och blickar ut över fältet
Här kan ingen vinna, förutom en
Jag är den enda segraren

03. Existence In A Dream

Music by Gorgon
All my heart and soul and spirit is filled with a forging fire
Broken are the bonds and shackles that has been slung across my neck

Awake in a slumber
Dreaming, existence in a dream

A window opens up in time, I'm cast into the void
A gateway to the nether world, a world beyond
My life flashes for my eyes as it dissolves
On the shore of the eternal ocean

04. Infernal

Music by Kimera
Left to pray at the gates beyond. burning embers all around
No escape from ethereal tombs, silent screams dominate here
Towards slaughter we ride, slaying all believers into nothing
We are the ones with overwhelming powers, none of your gods can resist

Infernal, obliterate

Thou shalt be contempt from goodness, for thus transferring to others
Total devastation of a world in faith, soulless kin fraternizes in a lie

Can you see the tyrants of wrath, can you see the end coming near
Can you feel the penetrating steel, no mercy given for believers of God

Blasphemy, a force to be reckoned with, purifies my inner will
These lights have faded, sulphur skies above

Infernal, obliterate

05. A Glimpse Of The Sky

Music by Gorgon, Kimera
Ripped apart, our hearts are fed to the vultures
The soil has been cursed, our souls like silent statues of stone

One last glimpse of the sky, the horizon is brightening
Above us the sun shall rise, but its light we shall see nevermore

Winds of the east that blow across the lands
Over open horizons, spread us like sand
We reached for the sun but were cast to the ground
Banned from this world, for all time to come

By the gods we are forlorn
A shaman's drum, the beat of our doom

A final glimpse of the sky as the sun rises
The sky is bright up above but we are wrapped in darkness

06. Hinsides

Music by Kimera

07. The Night

Music by Gorgon
Oh the great open sky above
Oh cave and deep earth below
In the woods, in the fields
Her diamond shines on me

The night, ever neighing queen
Haunting grace of eternal mystery

Adorned she rises with the jewels of the sky
In her shadow forever I stand in reverence

The night, ever reigning queen
Haunting grace, spread your veil of mystery

A whirlwind of darkness devours me
As I fall into the abyss
Demonic faces surrounds me
As I'm reborn in nocturnal bliss

08. Sleeping In The Embers

Music by Gorgon, Kimera
The soil is black
Fires are burning
The dice is cast
The mills of death are turning

At the distance
Something's stirring
As death comes crawling near

Hear the choir, hear it sing
It's the chorus of our requiem
It's a silence, forevermore
Just one step more into the flames

Mesmerized, we walk into the flames
Only our bones will live to tell the tale
Hypnotized we dance upon our graves
We shall sleep in the embers

First came the fire
Then came the rain
Hypnotized, we're dancing on our graves
We shall sleep in the embers

Now the flames lick our necks
No turning back
As the sun burns red
A silence spreads
Like an eternal winter solstice
We shall hear it when we're dead

And the gates were opened
And the smoke filled the sky
A storm of locusts
Emerged from the fire
And their king was the angel
Of the bottomless pit
The destroyer, the eraser

09. For Those Departed

Music by Gorgon

10. Without Crown

Music by Kimera, Gorgon
Spawned by the wind
We, who forever were meant to roam the fields
Fire in heart and soul
hidden among the trees
He who watches is never seen
Upon his canopy throne

We speak the tongue of trees
And we listen to the wind
Magic still exists here
Our roots grow deep
While yours were cut centuries ago

Among the caves and woods
Mountains and fields

Without crown, unchallenged of the wilderness we're kings
Forever unbound, we are the children of the wind

Death, only to you we bend the knee
We shall ride the steppes of the Elysian fields

We'll set sail on the eternal sea
From the bonds we'll be free
Hidden among the trees we strike from the shadows
Wind walkers they call us
Fear our name
In the twilight of our existence
Still our spears fly
My body will fall before my soul
Like the wind we'll stay free
Like the wind eternally
We'll ride the steppes of the Elysian Fields

Among the caves and woods
Mountains and fields

Without crown, unchallenged of the wilderness we're kings
Forever unbound, we are the children of the wind

11. Black Spirit

Music by Gorgon
Oh ancient spirit, come forth in my time of need
Thou who dwells in shadows beyond the mortal sea
An ancient force possess me and with it I am one
I'm bestowed by the power of a thousand burning suns

Reverent soul, spread your wings
Accept my offerings

Black spirit, ancestor
High above the mounds, and the step open wide
Black spirit, ancestor
Forces of Tengri, carry me

A witch of ancient wisdom of my bloodline
A crow that flies above my in the never-ending sky
Bestow me in your way, in any art and shape
By blood we are bonded, in eternal fate

Reverent soul of ancient times
Accept my sacrifice

Hear my call, come forth
Mongke Tngri-yin kucundur

Ancient One, In your hands I lay my face
Fill my heart with desire of your flame
High above, high above these fields
You're the gate between this world and eternity

12. On The Elysian Fields

Music by Gorgon