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Colosseum - Chapter 2: Numquam lyrics


01. Numquam

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Wavering empty minute when existence flows towards its persistent fate
Blear imagery before your eyes
Seen defeat behind glass, mantles of smoke

Asking nevermore what went wrong
Scars shall heal no more
All you gave wasn't worth a dime
Empty stare - bleeding wrists

...and not a single smile will ever appear on your face

Emotions decay and pass away
Rotten corpse of compassion ravaged and raped
The air is grinning wheeling colours of the womb
Born again while perished

02. Towards The Infinite

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Spirits of multiverse
Unspeakable presence of malice
Heading towards the infinite

Ordained with crown of disdain and irreverence
in the principality of nightmares' inheritance

Rays of the addling planets

Wretched distortion of light
Inanimate ventures to struggle

View bleeding in coma
Shapes dancing around a pallid scenario
Wrapped in murder

Hours go by as the lights grow dim
paintings of black and red on the floor
Silence engraves these wounds
Serenity of evermore

03. Demons Swarm By My Side

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Moments languish in their absence while silence moans
Paralyzed in dormancy, lifeless slumber drowning in emptiness
Senses still flicker awaiting the hopeless awakening to a vague travesty of being
Carrying human body in a long dead soul

I've abandoned the flame once burning within
Seeking only the depths of fathomless stillness
Surrounded by wills of the wisp in this reeking swamp
Where demons swarm by my side

Once I gazed upon a mere reflection of light
As if through the eyes of the living
Reflection has gone and will never return
I curse this sight to the lowest pit of damnation

04. The River

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Staring to these white walls and waiting for them to vanish
Feeling of cold grows stronger and sight is blurring in these tired eyes
No questions remain anymore as they're all wiped away
Only this moment where time stands still reaching its limits
Stillness awaits while touching the calmness merged with pain
that soon will cease to be with my shattered consciousness
River is flowing down in constant movement, further down

Slow aching movement and last shadows of horror appear to this gruesome sight
Too weak to move anymore lying still awaiting the darkness to come
Sight is growing dim and white turns to black drifting away, away
Can't turn back the time, it's claws mangle what's left of me

No letters, no empty words...

05. Narcosis

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Diving into prodigious landscape beyond experience
Stars have died in this desolate wasteland of infinity
Limits collide and shatter into endless parallels
Physical form has ceased to exist, only spirit without carrying form

Outside the form as the breath of howling winds and darkness
The world never appeared in reality nor even a wretched dream
Black holes open wide in between the galaxies unseen
The consciousness has escaped from its bounding walls

Open wide the gates to unreality...
Disappear into the waving stream...
Darkness as your guide..
Devil in your veins..

06. Prosperity

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki
Great abundance of grief, prosperity of poverty and wealth of misery prevails
Losses you gain with weakness as your power while rejoicing at your plentiful agony
Darkness as your guiding light, winter frost keeps you warm through the night
Gallons of absinthe to keep you sane, only death keeps you alive

Solitude as your companion and silence to hear your cries
Hatred for you to cherish and pain for you to enjoy effusively

Flying to stay on the ground, Fleeing to face the present
Touching the prosperity you always failed to see

07. Outro

Music & lyrics by Juhani Palomäki