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Norther - Solution 7 lyrics


01. Day Zero

Waiting to be born again, waiting to see the light
Hoping to feel free again, trying to sleep the night
Last days are here to stay, last times last forever
Time so eternal stands, minute's like a day

Wait for to see the day
Day zero
In the end of the way
It hurts so

Hurts to know, to feel the flow
Dreaming of better times, stars in the open skies
Sleep the night away
Frozen world soon collides, with the echoes in my mind
Drink the night away

Wait for to see the day
Day zero
In the end of the way
It hurts so

02. YDKS

You judge, you know better, you think that you are something more, I know you're something less
You say, you are better, you think that you are so much more, I know you're so much shit
Every day, it goes further, you're loosing everything there's left, and that ain't much
Anyway it's wrong, anyway it's bad, anyway so sad that this is where we've come

So sad, so real
No way, to feel

You don't know
You don't know
You don't know shit

03. Hellhole

My life is hell and im living in a hole of my own
No way out, I'm going insane, there's no way out
This hole is killing my hope of life,and everything seems so sensless, fuck this life, it's worthless to live in a hole

I don't want to live to this life anymore, I want more
Pain and agony, sorrow and grief, 'til I bleed
Touch of death is coming for me, and I'm ready
I'll die in my hole and I just fucking love it

Hellhole, that's the place I want to be, all alone
Hellhole, is my home and I'm not gonna leave
Hellhole, it's only for me
Hellhole, my hell's my heaven my everything

04. Thorn

In my eyes I despise your twisted life
Something controlling your fucked up mind?
Just a thought of you with your twisted little smile
Stings me like a thorn in my spine

You told me sacred lies through your twisted little eyes
You're sick! Sick!
You're a twisted little star
You're a sick motherfucker and a fucking cocksucker
Just dwelling in the dark

Thorn in my spine, that's all you are
Thorn in my spine, that's all you are

I can't stand the sight of you
I can't stand what you put me through
You're a twisted little fuck!
You're life a lie that you hide
Is it that terrible being you inside?