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Cephalic Carnage - Anomalies lyrics


01. Scientific Remote Viewing

In 1982 a new way
Of spying was conceived
Using psychic warfare
They view the enemy
Divulging information as they pleased
From a new technique called
Scientific remote viewing
Astral projection was achieved
Tapping into ESP.
Seeing thinks the mind should never see
Broken down into a basic protocol
A special form of meditation
To be used by you and me someday
Strange what they uncovered
A research team discovered
This gift of sight
Viewing UFOs, Jesus Christ, pyramids on mars.
Luminous spears fly from star to star
Sub-space beings
The Lucifer rebellion
The future of man
The galactic federation.
Cattle mutilation
Human abduction
Martians and grays
Living here amongst
Who would believe them?
If they told you what they saw?
Would you believe?
Or think they belong in a mental home?

02. Wraith

What is that sound
Mortal coil upon me
Pale spectra floating
Petrudes me from sleep
Absconds as I awake
Or a figment of my imagination
Inferring a rational explanation
Pertinent I scream aloud
Why are you haunting me?
In a frozen cold sweat
Tempting insanity
But I'm not crazy
Things that go bump in the night
Phantom forms, hide from your sight
Playing tricks, disturbing the mind
A spiritual mass, ghost from the past
Harrowing lives, where it lived last
I don't believe in made up beings, nor in superstitions
Mysterious groans, torment my room
Scratching up my flesh, turning pictures upside down
Just who, can I tell
Shadow people walk this earth, scaring all who cross their path
They paralyze, warning, from beyond death
I can't escape, why is she here
Haunting me, I live in fear
Translucent form, haunting this earth
Walking dead, she rapes me

03. Counting The Days

Dreaming this vision, I'm lying next to you.
At home in bed, I wish this were true.
5 months away, getting farther every day.
Life on the road! I long to see her face again.
War in my head, of where should I be.
Here on tour, or with my family.
They understand, that this is my destiny.
Stare at this pass I know, I'm counting the days again.
30 more shows to go, then home to relax.
Been moving so fast, no time to reflect.
My back is sore, from banging my head.
Living on the road, is fun but tough. Its something we love, never get enough
To play on stage, fans go insane
Staring at the clock, time goes so slow
A long drive ahead, to the next show
Thrash this place tonight, pounding metal heads are banging
The crowd is so alive,
Violent moshing, infernal grinding, take a stage dive
Now you are one of us, smashing this place oblivious
Internal thrashing craze, we are here on stage! Thrash!
Getting stoned, we are one
With our fans, feeling great
Europe rules, as does the metal world
Staring at this laminate, tour dates on the back
Counting the days again, my how the time has passed
One more show to go, tour is done
Were finally going home, our fans are really sick
Thanks for the great times, we appreciate it

04. The Will Or The Way

Do what you wilt, yes I am the way, trust in me and
I'll heal your pain.
Religious anomaly, salvation is hate,
Yet people die every day, religious conflicts for their right to pray, going to their Grave, dead from their faith,
Kicking people is bad; people should never do it.
The ignorant man they envoy, promising eternal life.
Wise men have the answers to the afterlife, heaven, hell, or a planet in the Sky, in the ground to rot in a box, where do we go when we die.
They think the sun is our god, without it, we could not survive.
Pious souls, rectify our differences, years of unrest, the gods are depressed.
Why pretend these wars will ever end, religious disease, a never ending trend,
Religious anomaly salvation is hate.
Kicking people is bad people should never do it. The will or the way.

05. Piecemaker

There's a fire in the valley.
That's killing many for the few.
And a funeral for the living.
The dead have gathered around to view.
When heaven burns to ashes.
Their dreams will come crashing too.
While some are more forgiving.
I'll spend my life hunting you.
Murdering bastards.
You fucking killed her.
When you burned.
Could you feel her eyes staring back at you?
Kill him, kill him, just fucking do it.
When he is dead.
This will be all over.
And we can get on with things.
Take this, use it. They deserve it.
But in their deaths. Realize she will never.
Be coming back to you. Only death behind.
Focus all my energy. Prepare myself to slaughter swine.
Decimate the wicked. Eliminate their worthless lives.
String 'em up. Drip them motherfuckers dry.
Murdering bastards. You fucking killed her.
When you burned. Could you feel her eyes staring back at you?
I killed him, I killed him. Just fucking did it. But in a way.
I feel empty inside. And can't get on with things.
I took it, and used it. They deserved it.
As I sit here wracked with disbelief.
That she will never be coming back to me.
I'll strike you down. Six feet in the ground.
A piece of steel. led in the crown. This ends here and now.
Somehow I knew you'd be here. You took so long.
Regarding your fears of treason. You've got it all wrong.
I feel your rage, it's rising. Our blood is not theirs.
It's all over the cleansing. I'll see you in Hell.
Forgive me for I have acted. Against my own blood.
I never meant for all of it. To happen this way.
A man makes his choice, God willing. To live with his shame.
I have so much love for you. I knew I'd die today.

06. Enviovore

On a distant planet
A place devoid of life
Before that un fateful day
Enviovore arrived
On that distant planet
Revolving around the sun
Little did it know
Here demise was sure to come
Landing in the ocean
Inseminates its seas
Procreating organisms
The water comes alive
Spreading like cancer
The planet thrived
Evolving constantly
Breeding amphibian's life.
As water dries up
Legs develop
Lungs adapt to air
Now fast forward
To the future
Millions of years ahead
Enviovore grows, regurgitates
Assumes human shape, overpopulates.
Polluting land, water & sky
The give of death is swat they prayed
Hiding from the sun's violet rays.
Floating to the sky
As they leave this place
Enviovore grows
Seeds the human race.
Infest the earth
Bring forth extinction
Proof of life proves fatal

07. Dying Will Be The Death Of Me

Living here, in constant pain, I'm reaching out to you!
Feelings I have long suppressed, control my mental views
As I walk this lonely earth, searching for a sign
Something to make me want to live, cause' now I want to die
As I languish here, in this house of disease,
And decrepitude, feeling un at ease
Slowly I put up a wall, to block away the pain
Only to have it fall, the misery remains!
It rips the mind apart, scorns my soul with rage
Infects my heart, kills my will to be
My eyes cannot see, blinded from the sweat
I don't know why I, feel morose today,
Born with it all, rich beyond my means,
Lately something has been burning
In my gut it bleeds, making me despondent
A victim of me
Dying will be the death of me
It hurts when I smile
Only happy when, others are in pain
When I was younger, life was in my heart
Lastly vie been craving, suicide as an art
All the ways I've attempted, was placed in the psycho ward
In a straightjacket, dying cause' I'm bored
In the end, dying will be the death of me!

08. Inside Is Out

Chasing lies
That which hurts most
Leave it

When it comes
Let go of fear
Take it

As I said
You will like it
Being here

The dust we become coats the dust we come from

Digging deep, frozen grave, through cold veins, and to feel,
Cold blood race, proof of
Emptiness, and when it's done, dust we become coats the dust we come from

Fingers pierce - my soul is pulled - from my body - is cast down -
From Heaven comes exile

Left behind
Wanting to breath
Start the fires
That boil the seas
Beg for nothing
On broken knees
Ultima bless me so

Yet, you watched her escape, your grasp, you've slipped

Bless me so
I won't fall through
To come hear again

In your grief
Find your new place
Now repent
Then go drifting
Into the dark
To find no light
To search forever

Start the fires
That boil the seas
Beg for nothing on broken knees

09. Sleeprace

On the eve of the Apocalypse.
We're entombed underground.
Radiation bleaches our skin.
Albinos we have become.
Nuclear crucifixion eradicates.
Obscures the sun away.
Toxic gas burns our eyes.
Asphyxiates my lungs.
Wounded and screaming.
Unconsciousness gleaming.
Suspended animation overcomes.
Six months go by.
Cataplexy it takes toll.
Awakening from my dismal slumber.
I now see well in the dark.
Bodily dysmorphia has crippled me.
Starving and dehydrated.
I claw my way back to life.
Hibernate. Somehow I did survive.
The only man alive. Spared from oblivion.
Extinction of man. A comatose being.
Living in a haze. Fortitude slips away.
Dreaming to survive. Inebriated life.
Sleep another day. I now dwell this lonely earth in search for living things.
Breathing still while world died.
Why death passed over me?
To repopulate this dying race. Rid the planet of hate!

10. Kill For Weed

Came into my home,
Searching for the weed,
Crooked wretched cops,
Enforce corrupted greed,
Throw me to the ground,
Ripping my place apart,
For an ounce of buds,
They used excessive force,
Where are my rights,
There's no justice for me,
Our system let me down,
My life I must defend,
So now ill kill for weed,
Grab a cop and pull him to the floor,
Strangulate him with a chord,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
The other try's to subdue me falls onto a sword,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
Kill for weed,
This wont happen again,
Your bullshit lies and rotting sins,
We cant take no more,
Well fight you all and win the war,
Legalize today,
Put a stop to brutality,
We will rise above,
Till your gone,
And we have won,
Its our destiny,
So now ill kill for weed,
This is a song about a schizophrenic,
I met on the street,
Told me how he killed for weed,
Killed for weed,
Killed for weed,
Killed for fucking weed!!!!!

11. Litany Of Failure

Why do you believe, one man can police everything?
Should I be forced to be believe what you say?
Your theoretic views really make me ill;
Let me welcome you to the 1 world corporate states,
They first bring democracy, using atomic force,
Subvert a whole country,
Tyrannical raiding are enforced.
Kill it's infrastructure, siege and prevail, exhort theocracy,
If Jesus Christ, came back to life, you would have him re-crucified,
The soldiers lives you sacrificed, our economy that you've paralyzed
It's your litany of failure.

12. Ontogony Of Behavior

Millions of years after Enviovore left its' dormant, decaying planet behind
Finding a home on the planet earth
Will the earth be consumed as well?
Will this planet succumb as others have?
In 10,500 B.C. we stopped breathing in the ancient way
We started breathing in the way that we do now
There are 2 things that you do when you breathe
Air and pr ana
Pr ana is a life force energy
At this time we stopped taking the Pr ana in with our minds,
By passing the pineal gland
The pineal gland is like a 3rd eye
Not the pituitary gland
It is shaped like an eye, visica piscis
All other existence breathes through the penal gland
As a result we are a disharmonic level of consciousness with enough time we will destroy ourselves and our environment
Planet earth will not allow it
Sending out frequencies to every living species
The human is earth's enemy
It must rid us to survive
Falling from grace, we can't escape our perilous fate
It is too late
Missing the signs, we are divine
We terminate all we create
It started with the birds and trees
Distractions we could not see
Naive to this reality
Nature emits deadly frequencies with no penal gland
Falling prey to the land
How can we understand what's going on?
The sky is black
The sun won't shine
Rabies in the air
We're too naive to even care
When dogs attack, the force is strong
The things we lack
We should have known that someday the earth will reclaim her home
We're the parasites destroying life
The end is near, attacks increase
Exhuming fear, clouds of insect tribes avenge
The polluted sky
Man and nature are at war
Every element her ally
Germ warfare systematically advances
Into our lungs
Eradicates our chances
Catastrophic weather
Un-rested seas, our future in toil
How can this be?
Hunted by natures beasts
A reversal in irony,
Haunted by our sordid
Nature has condemned us all
Judgment has been passed
Exiled from our birth rite place
Were now extinct, new life will breed,
Victims of selfish greed
Can't escape, the wrath of the earth
Frost and magma, destroy the human curse
Reduced to ash, to be erased
Fossils are what will remain,
The human race will be no more
The demise of the Enviovore
Ontogeny of behavior
Ascend to the 4th dimension!