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Void Of Silence - The Grave Of Civilization lyrics


01. Prelude To The Death Of Hope


02. The Grave Of Civilisation

Relics and dust beneath
My weary feet
All that remains
Of the world I remember

Acrid and fertile the stench of decay
Enters my mind
And writhes in my soul
This desolate place, once so alive
Is now dead and cold
I envy the dead

The grave of civilization
It stretches all around me

The silence is painful
It cannot be kept out
I'm left alone with
The sound of emptiness
My footfalls echo off
The monoliths of grey concrete

Relics of dust beneath
My weary feet, all that remains
Of the world I remember

Paint with destruction
Upon a canvas of concrete
The proud laid low
Lives are rendered in bone
Where once the hives of man
Strove to pierce the sky
A warren of decay spreads
For a mile upon mile

A gentle blanket of ash
Smothers remembrance of grief
But none are left alive
No one still breathing to weep
Ominous mournful clouds
Shroud the ghost of the sun
I wander these ruins alone
And beg for the end to come

Skeletal remains of buildings
Claw at the poisoned sky
Like withered fossilised hands
Of long dead gods
Corpse city shells
Of extinct titan insects
The howl of the restless wind
Through the rusted pipes
An assemblage of melancholy artifice
The arrogant folly
Of mankind's avarice

The swollen red sun sets
For the final time
In a thousand years
The dead glassy earth is growing cold
Filthy snow tumbles
From a sickly glowing sky
It settles upon the endless
Ruin and bones
There can be no return from this
I envy the dead

03. Apt Epitaph

Be apt epitaph
To be found
When intelligence
Rears its burdened lolling head
Upon unwilling shoulders
Birthed from
The earth and suns embrace

04. Temple Of Stagnation (D.F.M.I. MMX)

Temple of stagnation
Hives of glass and steel
Monstrous edifice of enslavement
All hope crushed between the gears
Millions bound in chains of commerce
Constructing cities made of bleached bone

Abased before our gods of greed
Grind the bodies of the sacrificed
Inside the gears of the world machine
Fossil fuel incense chokes the sun
To usher in the final age of man

Is this what we wanted
Is this what we fought for
Is this what we wanted
Is this what we died for

We dishonour the dead
Process of restricted thought
Enforced dogmatic action
Kneel to alters of subservience
Beg for scraps from bloated masters

Lay our hands on ruptured soil
And know we chose to violate the earth
Billions weep under cloying skies
Starless sunless cursed wastes
Spread your arms wide
And embrace this world we made
For ourselves

05. None Shall Mourn

Centuries of blood bow your head and weep
What seeds have been sown in genocides heart
Soot and grime weight down lives
Lived in fear under an empty sky
Boundless with out the lie of a god
Who put us on this earth to suffer

Never doubt that we are alone
The universe is cold and does not care
So live your life free and without guilt
There is no vengeful god for you to fear

If we are not enslaved to some figment of our minds
We gladly chain ourselves to some flag of great ideal
Such limitations bind constrict and crush the life away
We could have been so much instead
We chose to bow down and fail

Fade away where we belong
Nothing will change the world remains the same
Everything you dreamed
Would come instead a dream remains

And no more can we tolerate this structure
Forced upon us by another's fate

We will pass into the dark
And none shall mourn this unmarked grave
In shallow earth our achievements rot
With none but the stars as witness

Oh mute epitaph if only you could sing
What songs would you weave
Of all that could have been
What tragedy and glory sacrifice and salvation
None of this will come to pass
Now our race bows low with shame
All our works will be as dust

06. Empty Echo

My voice has become a distant echo
In an empty world
Conversant with the ghost of dead memories
Truth be told I like the solitude
Now that I am alone