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Aeternam - Disciples Of The Unseen lyrics


01. Ars Almadel

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
No Lyrics

02. Angel Horned

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
Sons of the lost
Kingdom of fire
Turning to dust
Launching it higher
Fighting for those who will rise up within
The sign of the sun is wisdom and hate

Disordered nations
Embraced the lights
of hell
The legions of the lords
Serving evil forces
Enslaved and purified

Destroying those who failed
To see their power
In their worst

Fallen angel horned

Pentacle is burning
Devouring all the
The king is rising
To take his revenge
Enslaved and purified

Destroying those who failed
To see their power

03. Esoteric Formulae

Music & lyrics by Aeternam

Spreading disruption,
And hatred among the enemies
Located within Malkuth
The key to Sitra
The Nightside earth of darkness
The throne of evil madness

Esoteric Formulae
Open the path to the eastern
Sitra Ahra
The gates of the mental

The essence of the black
Emerging from our souls
Disharmonious energies of wrathful chaos
Nightside earth of darkness
The throne of evil madness

Sons of
the fallen angels
Walking on the flames
The throne of Azerate is spreading

Tohu Tehom
Theli Than



04. The Coronation Of Seth

Music by Aeternam
Lyrics by Alexander Loignon
Adam said:

In the garden of
I call you at my side
Before death can takes me
Get the seeds from the
tree of life

Back to the gates, down his father
Who by this time has died

Before he covered him with dirt
And placed the seeds of life

Nailed to the cross of life
The lies had been thrown into the light
Golgotha, save us from
Mortality and spread your power

The mighty Massra tells
That Seth became the lord of the night
He rapes the good and he lets
His legions fall
upon the earth

كائنات النار في أوج القوة
يقطع رأس العبيد

05. Hamunaptra

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
Approaching the final rays
Open the book of the dead
You'll see the truth
Shining in the sarcophagus of thy lord
Bringer of disasters
I invoke the beast
That sleeps in the depth of tombs

The sacrifice is yours
Kingdom of death
I scream the incantations

I am the force that slept
Three thousand years in the darkness
And spilled the blood of the impure
I am the force that saw
Your decadence haunting your life
Till the poisoned blood was shed

The sacrifice is now
I open her chest and read the incantations
Anubis, god of all gods
Art thou hearing me
Wake the dead from sleep

06. Iteru

Music by Aeternam
Lyrics by Ashraf Loudiy
في سالف العصر و الأوان
حكاية أمة النجوم
عباد الشمس يغادرون
في وادي النيل يبحثون
آل فرعون أكشف ثقافة أمتك
شمس الأحرار

Another day is dawning
And the eastern light is emerging
From a dark shade of clouds
While the firstborn son of Ra
Carried by the oriental winds
Is reaching the final gleam of Shemsu

07. Goddess Of Masr

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
Ancient lord of the sun
Who rules the sands of time
Witnessed the glorious era of Akhenaten

Behind his wisdom
The beauty has risen
Upon the lands
With the reign of

Beyond her eyes
Was born the power
Within her heart
The virtue of Massra
The perfect one arised

Her gaze is like the wind
Burst of eternal life
A vision
Haunting the dreams of thousands
Her skin is like the sand
Shinning as day but cold as night
She is all men's worse sin

Dark mother of all civilizations
Embrace my soul and let me die in your heart

08. Ouroboros

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
Inside our senses
Inner perception
Blinding our minds to unmask reality
Source of damnation
Religious poison
Destiny of mankind
That turned our future to dust

Gods of the past
I invoke the secrets unveiled
Show me your sacred, strong evil inside
I will sacrifice my soul to the oriental wind

I saw the past in the gleam of the light
Shadows of the gods that brought knowledge to our kind
Insanity brought to our time
Instead of greatness and might

Ancestral signs in our mind
Unconscious souls, we are lost in the dust
We are lost

I saw the past in the gleam of the light
Shadows of the gods that brought knowledge to our kind
Falling from the stars
Launching fire in the sky

I drink the blood of the almighty one
I feel the power of the angel inside
Praying to be the chosen one
Who will bring light to my kind

09. Circle In Flames

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
Pitiful humanity
Destroying rights and nature
Embraced by insanity
Tortured by the fear of death
Inside their souls
They'll pay for their cowardice
They'll see our might

Damage in the air
Thirst for destruction
Sentenced to see their lives
In our mighty evil hands
Inside their souls
They'll pay for their cowardice
They'll see our might

Circle in Flames
Inside the cowards will
Burn until their bones will melt
Circle in Flames
The time is coming for
Sweeping all the ignorants

In the darkest parts of the universe
Where the purity has no place to be
Evil civilizations
Have spread their stink on earth
Ruining their motherland
Searching for domination
Political manipulations
Creating dogmas to kill our freedom

Fall from the throne
This place is no more for you
Bastard, fanatical product

10. Through The Eyes Of Ea

Music & lyrics by Aeternam
PART I : Bearer of Aquarius

When you stand at the gates of Anu
For you have ascended the road to Heaven
The snake shall be revealed to yourself
In the mighty symbol of life
But is this true ?
As winter is coming
Are you still searching for answers ?

PART II : Revelations

A scale on your skin
Stigmata of a false conception
Burning your temptations
I feel a deep hole within
The truth I will find
With a quick glance in your eyes
A fiery conclusion
For the sake of mankind

The end on your heels
Embrace the lights of hell
The promises that were
Made of human flesh
Enslave all the weak
Make them pay for their lies
A glimpse of my power
For the sake of mankind
You !
Have sent your prophet
To die on a rotten cross
And put on his shoulders
All the sins of the human race
You !
Carry all the secrets
Of a longtime evolution
But true knowledge will come
In the end when all is done

I am the son of man
I am Asari's soul
I am the evil one
أنا عدو الله

I feel a deep sadness within me
Resistance is futile
This is the prologue of the end
He's now the judge
I am defendant
Against a jury filled with death and it's slaves

Oh please forgive me
Turn on the lights and set me free

PART III : في عيون ابليس

عندما ستقف أمام أبواب أنوبس
بعد أن ترفع الى السماء
سيظهر الثعبان في رمز الحياة
هل هذى صحيح
عندما تقترب النهاية
ألازت تبحث عن جواب