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Ram-Zet - Freaks In Wonderland lyrics


01. Story Without A Happy End

Caught in the middle of something he can't escape
Falling appart now and he's vanishing slowly into a
Story without a happy end
Kiss him goodbye and watch him
Now bring me down just bring me down
I have had it with your betrayal
I'll sort it out just sort it out
Bringing all the facts at the table
You see the fire
The way I give
Whatever you may pray to live for
I'll bring you higher
Teach you too fly
Just to cut off your wings in the end
Drowning so quiet without regret although he knows that
He's loosing this inevitable fight in the...
Now as the the carpet silent falls
There is no place to hide
I listen to the core of life alone
And by the gath you gave to me
I should realise
That every thorm belongs in someones heart
And it's mine - this time
But I feel... nothing
So I fake - the rest
And regret... nothing
I'll find a way
And praise the day
I'll end it all
And fool eternity

02. I Am

Do you see a coward ocean
And do you see my broken crows
The happy clown will praise the devil
You pray alone as magic dies
Sacrifice the broken man
Be the power you command
Do you want a slice of madness
And do you want a different self
The attitude you bring ain't pretty
Still I just want a piece of you
I am sorrow
I am hate
I am anger
I am fear
Many had a little man
And he was always gruntig
And she tied him to a five-bar gate
And kicked his little head in
Do you need to hide the certain
Or do you need another way
The crap you bring and hide inside you
Just let it all poor out on me

03. Mojo

If I had to say it's all a lie
I'd do it with a certain mojo
All stories fail and end someday
Until that day I'll keep on chanting
A crow is my sign
Leading the way to "Hell House Inn"
I'll take you to darkened lands
No time to stop and smell the flowers
All evil here is from your past,
That beast can slay you like a tigon
There all the cheer
Suddenly stop as we arrive,
Then they laugh
And sing words of the Grim:
"We're the tyrants of this legacy
All for your tame conspiracy
We belong in halls of destiny
We're the tyrants of conspiracy
All for the sake destiny
We belong in your fading legacy"
Come on little hellish dwarf and
Dance and drink and then cut of your
Hands and while you see the way I
Kill know I'm magnificent still
They tempted you with holy lands
And lovely fragrance from the flowers
But angel and beast
Walk hand in hand in the mud
The story ends in all it's might
And still we do it with a mojo
Their glory fades and ends someday
Until that day we keep on chanting

04. Land Of Fury

I chase but now it's nothing but desire
Running From my own reflexion just to feed the liar
I will cross the... land of fury
I will be the torn.. and guilty
Negligence is just another way to hurt the other
I will go thru all the space and time
To rome the glorious past alone
I am the guilty one
I am the core
To the endless end I search
To find the final path
I'm all and everything but nothing
In this world
I will cross the... land of fury
I will be the torn.. and guilty
Confidence is just another
Way to break the looser
Before the end it's all just hate you hold
Before the end you'll seek the endless cold
And I won't follow you into the void
And I won't guide you thru into the void
There's no return for you now
Into the void
I will cross the... land of fury
I will be the torn.. and guilty
Emptiness is not what I
Intended for my crime

05. Madre

I collect your lies
Lives from all things rotten
The root of all your sins
Is written on my skin and bones
Just accept your fait
Your dooms already signed for
By the pagan queen, coz
You re painted by the flood
"Say that you'd never go,
That nothing can tear you away,
I'm everything you want.
Say that I'm all you need
that everything stays the same
Or I'll reep you apart"
Climbing up the walls
Trying to escape me
But mother sees it all
The mirror never lies, and
Children, children hear:
Never play with fire
I will burn you raw
Then tuck you in to rest
And dream while your soul slowly fades into nothing
Dream as your bones decomposes to dust
Dream while you let your thoughts take you to heaven
Soon it's to late no escape from your fate
Then went to the party with a noisy attitude
And they knew they were going to be pretty fucking rude
But the lady ini the hallway were looking rather nice
She said: "Welcome to the death row
They looked at facil other with a sightly sens of doubt
Then they entered the living room
But their places at the table were taken one by one
By them selves, then they knew they were replaced

06. Circle

Once again I find them playing with my fire
Running round in circles within my mind
They're acting pretty funny amuses me for a while
But then again so suddenly they all begin to cry
Pale is the one from the land of the week
And the weaker you grow yet the stronger I get
Walk inside the forest I feel so weird
Trees are singing quiet of mortal peace
Then I hear them calling the voice from the past
A poem of hope forever lost.
It's a never ending story with a voice
From the past calling your name
In a scream of despair where every
Hope is lost driving you insane
When you try to sleep and make it disappear
It enters your dreams
So you're caught in a nightmare
Where everything is real
The time has come to face your animal
Please me tease me don't forsake me
Know that soon you'll rip my heart out
please you tease you won't forsake you
Quiet and soon the party starts.
Little dirty angel and devil hold hands
Around the filthy humans and give a trance
Caught in purgatory they twist and they twirl
In shapes of manic creatures
Before they burn

07. The Sign

Changing time as it came to pas
Hating you as you were tender, faith ful, beautiful
The brave would rise and I could feel again
Touch the spirits but they're corrupted, hateful, dreadful
Living in this cage made me fell alive
Anger beyond rage drove my soul tohte
POint of no return never looking back
Heading for the end now you need to
Take me to the void
Take me to the violence core
Lay le down
Dying for a soul
The loss you face cannot compare to mine
I would still try to be tender, faithful, beautiful
Now there's time and I will say goodbye,
I fall again as I'm corrupted, hateful, dreadful
Take me to the void
Take me to the violence core
Lay me down in soil
I'm dust anyway
This is my fight
This was my way
So was the sign
You were the sign
This is my fight
You were my way
It was a sign
You were the sign
There was nothing that I wouldn't hate for you
There was nobody I wouldn't slay for you
There was nothing that I wouldn't burn for you
There was nothing that I wouldn't do for you
Now you nothing and I will not hate for you
Now there's nobody I would still slay for you
Now you're nothing and I will not burn for you
there's just nothing that I wanna do for you

08. As The Carpet Silent Falls

Now is the time you should take me
Away from crowded heavens
Falling down, and nowhere will
i find the peace we've been searching.
Life is srtong, but you are tired
So week and tired so week..
Last times, say the lines for you get to go
While we still breath and still
And cry. I'd_ die for a cure that might save you
or take you to a better place.
Like fire better like fire
let me fade I'll cut myself away
Let me fade cut myself away
Let me fade for someone like you
Lean for the last time like in the dreams I
Lean into your soul and into your arms
Lean into my arms lean for the last time
Like in the dreams I lean into your soul
I feel so far away I am all alone
I feel so far away now I'am all alone
I feel so lost today so lost
I feel so far away now I'm all alone..
I feel so changed so barren, so cold
Without you I'm losing my ground
Before I break on, hear me now and lead me
To some place peaceful
Where death can reach my heart
And lead me