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Azarath - Blasphemers' Maledictions lyrics


01. Arising The Black Flame

Music by Azarath
Lucifer Illuminatio Mea!

02. Supreme Reign Of Tiamat

Music by Azarath
Above the eternal darkness and the perfect silence,
Primordial waters dream the darkest dreams.
When the abominable ones awake from the unpure

The almighty chaos dragon recites the curses of


The storming rage from the abyss
Unleashed to crush the bastard gods,
But blinded by the rays of false light,
Now trapped in the deadly sleep.

Rise up almighty Tiamat!
Let the floods kill with hate!
The fire of destruction shall burn all life!
The time of revenge is at hand!

Ancient conjuration - the wrathful shadow comes.
The stars inverted by black magic spells,
11 seals of damnation break.
Avengers of chaos awaiting to strike filthy rebel

And taste the bloody sweetness of merciless revenge.

Terrifying spells of death blow down the son of Enki,
But stuck with the four cosmic winds,
Now Mother of Darkness falls.

You shall rise up Tiamat!
Your scornful lauch will whip the souls!
Your essence is the empire for the black wind spilled

your blood!

Evil with hunger awaits for the gates of damnation to

For day of the retaliation - the universe's demise.
Ama ushumgal sumun Tiamat!
Your victory shall be eternal!
Ama ushumgal sumun Tiamat!
Mother of Darkness!

03. Crushing Hammer Of The Antichrist

Music by Azarath
I am the watcher of ancient revelations,
The crushing hammer of the Anticrist.
I am the blaze of the soulless trepidation,
My stones formed your holy father's grave.
I am burned of your original sin,
The poisoned blood that filled the Holy Grail.
I am the darkstorm that shallows the sun of hope.
I bring the day of the rope.

My will opens the gate where blasting hellfire awaits.
The dark one calls my name scarred with the legacy of

I am the fascination of the first assassin,
Cold-blooded hunter for terror and death.
I am the cadaverous stench of decay,
Savage destroyer of the sanctified laws.
I am debauchery and the wickedness of Sodom,
Rampant temptation for pleasure and pain.
I am the anthem to the crimes of Gomorrah,
I stare into your eyes while death steals your breath.

Spit at the face of the creator of falseness,
Piss on the cross, reject the trinity of merciful

Blaspheme the pitiful sonof the whore.

Morderous passion against the gift of life
Released by the power of unholy rites.
Bestial reprisal from the ancient times.
I am the key to destroy humankind.

Hail to the master of death and disgrace!
Cainian blood's boiling in the chalise of doom.
Under my will steel's raping their flesh.
Winds of destruction embrance their souls.

I am the circle of ritual degradation,
The Armageddon's breath, the storm of roaring flames
I am the plague and the sickness of the gods you

Ravengous locust consuming the tree of life.
I'm the begining! And I'm the end!
I'm Satan's spawn! I am possessed!

04. Firebreath Of Blasphemy And Scorn

Music by Azarath
Your holy name,
Too holy to be spoken.
Enhanced without distinction
Weak mirage of salvation.
You are nothing more...
Yes, you are nothing more.

The strangling mistery for the worms ruled by fear.
By hopeless prayers of light - my ears are bleeding.
By holy revelations - my eyes are blind.
My will is the purest hate, the lust for profanation.
My scornful tongue - the stone thrown against the eye.

Your everlasting presence - the gulf of dereliction.
In ceremonial rapture priests lead the chant of love.
Passionate kneeling - the salvage by adoration.
Idly try to escape from eternal sulphur flames.

Tremendous Jehovah! - The shepherd of the scum!
Tremendous Jehovah! - The father failed his son!
Tremendous Jehovah! - Shit coveres the holy altar!
Tremendous Jehovah! - Blaspheres' curse upon Thee!

I raise the Satan's cross!
Intricacy burned!
Soul forever lost!
Speak through my blood!

Now your glory's gone since you became a sin.
Your mighty kingdom stands on the dunghill of hope.
Master of delusion, lousy ruler of beggars,
The pillar of simplicity. Hypostasis torn.

I am the firebreath of blasphemy and scorn.
I'll never praise your name.
I'll never become your throne.

I raise the Satan's cross!
Intricacy burned!
Soul forever lost!
Speak through my blood!

05. Behold The Satan's Sword

Music by Azarath
Blood red vomit from the sky,
Toxic rain of extermination falls.
Acrid smell of burning flesh, total purification.
Beasts of wrathful chaos descent from another world

into the abode of life.
Reborn in blasphemy from the limitless devine.
Ancient blessings, spells like razors.
Frozen sight is glowing with the lust to kill.

Ancient evil praised by mouth full of maggots,
Quench the hunger for flesh and bones.
A shine of ht comet appeared on the horison.
Deathbringers of infernal storms arose!

The universal structures burn!
Eleven angels rise!
Scum of the Earth!
Behold the Satan's sword!

The final cleansing has begun,
Annihilation's blaze above the world of shit.
The moral misery devoured by all-consuming flame,
Gods of the Apocalypse fed their lust.

All and nothing at the same time.
Only the deadly silence remains.

06. Under The Will Of The Lord

Music by Azarath
Cold life's memorial as a gleam of the torch hidden in

the night.
A breath of the past so distant and so unreal.
An illusion of the other side.

A soul condemned to haunt a frozen burial ground.
Nothing but ashes remained inthe soil of the worm-

eaten coffins.

The spirit doomed to wander
In unquieting uncertainity.
His temple of life decomposed,
Vast wastelands welcome his death.
Death!!! Death!!!

A mirage - the flash of blade that opened
The entrance to the worlds below.
Last vision - the circle in blood.
Under the will of the Lord...
Into the formless abyss
Where abnomination is enthroned.
Where primordial majesty dwells
In the chamber of no light.
From the crucible of the existence,
Into the darkest emptiness!

A mirage - the flash of blade that opened
The entrance to the worlds below.
Last vision - the circle in blood.
Under the will of the Lord...
Summoning infernal storms of fire.
Immolation to become the key.
Enlightened by the seben stars,
The spirit's born again
From the chaos unbound.
From the house of disgust,
Into the sphere of dust!

Howling funeral orations,
The sweet reek of the corpse.
The spirit returns to its graveyard,
Demonic fury unchained.
A plague among the living,
Immence hunger for blood,
Gloriuos victory of death.
There is no sight raised up to the sky,
Only death quenching the rays of all hope.

07. The Abjection

Music by Azarath
Oh, holy virgin whore,
Monument of my worship,
Time of my harvest is so near.
Immaculate bitch,
The star of my lustful dreams,
Hunger for your flower grows inside and burns.

I am destroyer of your ignorance.
I am your masochistic desire.
Bestial lust for your pain.
Sadistic pleasure piercing your skin.

This is the ceremony of the abjection of the holiness.
Naked and defiled glory of the Holy Ghost's fuckery.

On this damned night of fullmoon I entered your realm,
My carnal ram is grinding your fate.
Let me see your pain,
Let me hear your cry.
Jewel of your virtue has gone with your tears.

On this damned night of sodomy I feast upon her flesh,
Necklace of the bones adorns my chest.
Let me see her wounds,
Let me feel her death.
Agonising scream echo in my mind,

Your father turned his back,
Your son's forever dead,
You're finally raped and killed,
My semen's in your throat.

Your angel fell below,
Dead prayer to his corpse
Won't save your fucking soul
Slutmother of the weak.

On this damned night of cruelty I made my sacrifice
To the power of darkness - the one who dwells within.
Secrets of the eye make me stronger now.
Into the land of the shadows I fly.

I plunge my blade in the holy virgin's blood.
I am his hand when death arrives.

08. Deathstorms Raid The Earth

Music by Azarath
The eye of eternal eclipse is burning
And reflects the essence of the truth.
The prophets sing their songs of glory
And the shroud of sorrow covers the Earth.

Trumpets herald the end of the time and signs,
Damned graves are opening for resurrecion.
The funeral march hand in hand to the other side,
Closer to kiss bloody razor of the scythe.

Stench of death, corpses decay - ritual begins.
Chalice of blood, fires of black - the gate stands

open wide!

Streched womb of Hell gives birth to the flies,
Throne of goat rises upon th world of bones.

Cemetery orgies, rites of perversity.
Venom of damnation penetrates the virtue's flesh.
Rotten ashes of darkness, rites of profanation.
The dead have awakened from the ritual sleep.

Trumpets herald the coming of the tyrant -
The abhorrent messanger of the piosoned worlds.
His giftsas salt of scorn deep in the wounds.
Fom the holy pleasures of pain into the secrets of


Streched womb of Hell gives birth to the flies,
Throne of goat rises upon th world of bones.
The gate stands open wide!

09. Lucifer's Rising

Music by Azarath
The age of your glory shall never end
Audacious son of the Morning Star!
The sting of the villians!
The unchasing rage!
The sceptre of the tytans!
The proud emperor of the harassment!
Pestilent touch above the herd of Christ!
There's no relief for this earthly morgue,
The desert of your wrath.

Hell's breath awakens legions,
The shades of the dead kings of Earth.
They rise from the burning thrones,
And praise your name so full of might.

Lucifer's rising!
From the underworld!

You arose form the deepest pits of Hell
To cut the throat of God by the blade of bitterness.

You will ascend to the Heavens
And exalt Thy throne above the stars of God.
You will sit upon the mouth
Of the congregation in the sides of the north.

Lucifer's rising!
From the underworld!

You will ascend above the heights
Of the clouds to become the most high.

The sea of vermin spat out from the black dimention.
Roaring scream of the bells of doom extirpates the

Chtist thrown out of his grave -
Defilement of the rotting scum.
Earthly kingdoms smashed.
Cities turned to dust.

The luminous one!
The black flame burns inside!
My will hard as steel!
Thy legions arrive!

The shape of Venus cloaks the lands.
Impaled angels burn in Hell.
Serpent bites the eye of God.
The Armageddon comes.
Evil fills the world with the cities of depravation

10. Holy Possession

Music by Azarath
Crucified scum covered with the fullnes of worship,
From the lament of vermin your throne rises.
I scorn your symbols and your defeat's glory.

Bastard messiah!
I curse your fucking race,
I stone the words of weakness
And trample crown of thorns.
Defiled icons of mercy
Dance with the fire of sin.
Madness of my sight opens my veins.

The golden words turned into shit.
My Veins...
The Serpent's call.

Sucking the blood from the holy source of life,
This fullmoon night of madness I violate your domain.
The crying whores praying for you resurrection,
Their cunts are burning with black crosses deep

Fresh blood runs from her altar of flesh.
Faith deep as her dirty twat...

In the lands of desolated ways
Source of life withers.
Your psalms shall possess...
Black crosses in their cunts -
The holy force within.
Your psalms shall possess...

Sheep bound by celebration,
Consume your flesh and blood,
Crawl for salvation,
Praise for decrepit God.
The prayer is piercing
Through the twisted minds
Possessed by holy spirit.
The cursed mankind's fall.

Behold the prayers of shit
Bleeding in perdition,
Enslaved by self-destruction,
So close th the horned lord.

In the lands of desolated ways
Source of life withers.
Your words shall possess...
The eternal walk through
The wastelands of your faith.
The story never told...
Your words shall possess...
Your words shall possess...

11. Harvester Of Flames

Music by Azarath
Beyond the world of flesh and cones,
We summon blackened forces od the dead.
In lifeless void we enter the thorny path
Towards the hidden realm of the lord of death.

The winds of death we ride.
We spill the blood of Christ.
We vale of tears we mock -
The mortals' rotting cage.
In the insane trance we dwell under the Satan's cross
And as the Serpent of eve we sow the flaming seed.

Our eyeless sight falls upon the graves.
Our speechless mouth whisper the wordless spells.
On this solemn night the silver shines as the altar

This is the time when we face our doom.

Be praised the evil one!
Your symbols ablaze!
The cursed bloodline calls your name!
Harvester of flames!
We raise your sign!
We bleed for Thee...
To death...

We leave behing the shells of mortality.
Our killing hands reap the fruits of malediction.
We are reborn in the acosmic fire of the outer light
To harrow and destroy the puny race of Adam.

Be praised dark one
Who idols of flesh turn into dust!
We hail Thy name!
Harvester of flames!
We raise your sign!
We bleed for Thee...
To death!!!

Beyond the world of the flesh and bones,
We summon blackened forces of the dead.
In deathless fire we shall forever rule
And feed the mortal soil with the virgin blood...