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Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain lyrics


01. Limbs

The texture of the soul is a liquid
That casts a vermillion flood
From a wound carved as an oath
It fills the river bank a sanguine fog

These arms were meant to be lost!
Hacked, severed and forgotten
The texture of time is a whisper
That echoes across the flood

It's hymn resonates from tree to tree
Through every sullen bough it sings
These boughs were said to be lost!
Torn, unearthed and broken

Earth to flesh, flesh to wood
Cast these limbs into the water
Flesh to wood, wood to stone
Cast this stone into the water...

02. Falling Snow

The water pours its embracing arms around the stone
Decay drips from the uniquet void where the ice forms, where life ends

The stone is by the crimson flood, swallowed
The red ride beyond the ebon wound, contorted

My sacrifice bids farewell in this river of memory...
A wave to end all time

Red birds escape from my wounds and return as falling snow

To sweep the landscape; a wind haunted wings without bodies

The snow, the bitter snowfall
You like to die in her pale arms, crystalline
To become an ode to silence
In the soul of a mountain of birds, fallen

The cascading pallor of ghostless feather

The snow has fallen and raised this white mountain
On which you will die and fade away in silence

03. This White Mountain On Which You Will Die


04. Fire Above, Ice Below

The woeful silence and wind's reflection
Of your body's pale ode, an icy fortress of blood and ages

Sky fire above, ice below the hearth
Sky fire above, ice below the hearth

Fall away from me to that citadel at the end of time
Where death sleeps and dreams of your buried pain

There has never been a silence like this before

There will never be an ode like this again

05. Not Unlike The Waves

Aurora swims into the ether
Emerald fire scars the night sky

Amber streams from Sol are not unlike the waves
Of the sea nor the endless horizon of ice

Aurora swims into the ether
Emerald fire paints the twilight

Heidrun bleeds the golden nectar
For the rising sun and the moon
The midnight wolves who watch over the dawn


06. Our Fortress Is Burning... I


07. Our Fortress Is Burning... II - Bloodbirds

The god of man is a failure
Our fortress is burning against the grain of the shattered sky
Charred birds escape from the ruins
And return as cascading blood

Dying bloodbirds pooling, feeding the flood
The god of man is a failure
And all of our shadows, all of our shadows
All of our shadows are ashes against the grain

08. Our Fortress Is Burning... III - The Grain


09. Scars Of The Shattered Sky (Our Fortress Has Burned To The Ground)