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The Great Old Ones - Al Azif lyrics


01. Al Azif

In this desert for 40 days
Voices tell me the ways

I first believed in demons, but it is not
They are older units, real

They ask me to write a book, cursed
If they will let me die of thirst
(They ordered me)

Sitting on the edge of a dune, they dictated to me
Like whispers of Jinns they force me to write

Incantations to invoke these gods
Cursed bible, obscene words
Alone in the desert I lose my sanity
And I write the end of humanity
No place to escape
I'm no more than a shape

"Listen to us poor human, your book should begin with this verse :
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die"

I write pages and pages,
My hand is bleeding, for this book of rages

Now they found me in the crowd
Invisibles, they devour me
I would end up in a shroud
No one can help me

02. Visions Of R'lyeh

He enters, my mind
To show me, where he dies

Sunken city, Cyclopean
By ancient gods, drowned

When the stars align, you will shine
And in a deafening noise, you will rise


You free your master, forgotten
Unspeakable father, of the fallen

You've been waiting for this moment, eternally
Retake your place, for infinity

Octopus walks, in the shadows
Conquer a world, he doesn't know

R'Lyeh, this is not your time
R'Lyeh, Continue to dream minds
Under the sign
Of the Great Old Ones

03. Jonas

They look at me
They've decided it was me
They're coming to me
To put my flesh into the dark sea

In ice water, the waves keep me from breathing
A giant form comes up to me, large tentacles for teething
I sink into the immense mouth, sucked into a dark force
At that time I think of those who threw me here,
And think of their death without remorse

Now I sink deeper into this bowels,
I hear voices around me
Visions of infinity

Alone, deep in his stomach,
I see shadows dancing in front of me
An army of unspeakable things,
repeating this to me
"You have to go out to announce his coming
You have to leave now to cheer the thing"

In a loud bubbling, I'm out of the beast
Rejected by the sea, the storm has ceased
I feel I am no longer as before
I know things that men should ignore
I decide to stay alone until the end of my presence on earth
My madness for new birth

04. Rue d'Auseil

This is a sound, to see the invisible
This is a partition, dictated by those who are hidden
This is a frantic race, to keep pace
This is a sound to hear the inaudible

In the dark attic, the old man plays his viol again and again

Continuing his violent trance, he bring his spirit to the top
He tries to protect, protect himself from the dark
He tries to save his skin, wrinkled like bark

His arm numb, he sees it in his skylight
The dark vortex, he knows it's for tonight

His instrument falls to the ground
Tired, he lets himself be taken, profound

He lets himself be taken

05. The Truth

Again alone in my room, I see these landscapes,
Impossible and surreal
Yet they exist, yet they don't want to believe me
It's them who should be put away, for rejecting
The Truth!

I tried to blend into society,
But what I saw impressed me forever
All these people ignorant for eternity,
This caused my grief, Higher cities,
Lost worlds, Unspeakable abominations,
Ancient gods, Engulfed horrors
Why have I seen them?

Now, town frozen buildings
Make me think of dead cities of my dreams
I fall

Now I fall

I know we are not alone
Operating me will change nothing
Ignoring the king on this throne
And one day he will destroy everything
I'm not crazy
When they open my head
I prey they will never discover the truth

06. My Love For The Stars (Cthulhu Fhtagn)

I love them, my stars
I love watching them move
I dream of the day they will align with Mars
The day they approve
I thing only of one thing
To join them
But before I have to do something
To destroy all of men

For that, I would dream again and again
For that, I would scream in the spirit of all men

It's been so long. I've waited for these conditions
Why am I still wrong, why do they refuse my proposition?
Am I too ugly, too ugly for them?

My green and slimy skin, it bothers them?
Like in men's dream, I'm ready to change my shape
And if the stars want this, I'm ready to escape

Now it's enough, I'm alone
Now it's too tough, to stay in my tower of stone
I swear never to love, I swear to never look to the sky
Forever I only keep their light in my eyes, in my eyes