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Khors - Cold lyrics


02. Ashes

Black bracnhes of tired trees
Bowing down suddenly broken.
Silence and crackle of burning trees.
The wind is spreading burn leaves around.

Ashes - cold of the consience.
Ashes - ice and fire,
Ashes - destiny of the brave,
Ashes - eternal throne.

The wise knows about the destiny,
Seeking for the sense of self-consiense,
Willing for the rest for the soul,
Leavs for eternity, burning down.

03. Garnet

Moonlight attracts the beast
Closer to the edge he aims
And the stones are slipping over his legs
The abyss takes the power away.

Old beast is far from the light
Getting deeper in the dark,
Feeling breath of the death
The heart is smoothly sinking.

Memories crossing his mind:
Mother-wolf seeks for the power,
The wood is the source of knowledge,
And the night is concentration of power.

Proud leader is on the throne
Powerful glipmse of severe eyes
Attracting by ancient wisdom.

Only stone knows the secret
Of eternity and keeps the power of Earth
Through severeness of life bringing on
Through the bowels saving the soul.

04. Misery

Through the haze of the fog
You can hear the breath of the grief
Souls of warriors are passing away,
Bringing suffering to the hearts.

Red river carries sad news
The songs of birds cannot be heard
Silence hanging over gloomy wood
And the sun hezitating to rise.

Life and light passed away from this world
Having left the moans of sorrow
Death-rattles and mothers' sobbings.

Behing the ancient wood
Shadows of gods receive to their world
The souls of brave and eternal.

05. Concious Burning

Through thousands of invisible lakes
The power of cold posseses the mind
Only brave one knows and hears
Never feeling the time.

Breaking the edge, he is driven be power,
Burning his skin, his heart and his soul.
Pain, enforcing his efforts,
Memory of crystal pieces
And long dreamsome night.

Brains working without tireness,
Looking for the edged wiped off.
The wind blows off the pain of the trees,
The hawl of a beast and the beat of a heart.

The power of cold covers the ground
Helplessly wood bows the branches
Falling deeply asleep
And helplessly flame is fading away.

07. In The Depths Of The Black Hills

The gods take away the lives of warriors,
Choosing the very best ones.
Families are crying for the dead,
Farewelling their souls.

The haze is covering the tops of the hills,
The ravens are flying over them.

Cold wind blowing away
Ashes of burial flame.

Old wolf at the edge of the wood
Looks with his tired old eyes
At the celebration of glory
And the greatness of death.

08. The Abyss

I'm the wind of sorrow
Spreading the drops of dew
And the cold of the dawn.

I'm the flame of the destiny
Burning the remains of hope
And the frame of consciousness.