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Distaste - Of Abyss​-​Hearts And Falsity lyrics


02. Dumped

We're betrayed, it's ok
The industry - I's ok
Took our hearts, it's ok
Replaced with farts, it's ok
They took our hearts away
You and the likes of you
I hate you and the likes of you too
Dump us like old toys, you pile of shit
We bleed since your fires 've been lit
We go insane anyway
In every way
Taken away
And nothing is ok!

03. It Girls

Caged in mindloss, oh so gross (indecency)
Emiciated to the bones (literally)
Pulpy bitches, tacky gumcrack
What a wack
It girls means shit girls
Gadging, blagging, scrounshing
Encompassed by macho pigs
From boldheaded to wig
A self given definition
Out of all relation
Down the spiral goes
Princess of the media

04. Retreat

In fraud we trust
We swallow the lies, they spit in our eyes
In gold we rust
Whatever you say, our enemy is time
Solve we must
The problems that have a treat on our lives
It's time to thrust
Chains of confinement aside
How can I say it, without screaming, to bring it on the paper
If you don't care and I don't even give a fuck
Why my tongue is swollen by the words I speak translated
Where the hell we're breaking through?
And who takes us along the tighs?
I'm trying to use my third eye to see
But nothing can give back my sight
Or am I alone, forlorn in distress?
Our loophole is getting tight

05. Infected

A black splash raining down my throat
Watch myself as my neck bloats
The organism starts to soak
And at least the complex explodes
The body corrodes, I'm almost dead
No way back, I'm infected

06. Ctrl

Control of the head
By the machines that decline your way
You're going numb, dumb
And everything stays the same
A rain shall come
And wipe the pain away
A solution
To get rid of the pain
Free us all, we want deliverance
I won't take part on this last dance

07. Der Tod Kommt Auf Zwei Beinen

Warten auf die wende
Doch das ist das ende
Die oberschicht reibt sich schon die hände
Solang sie existiert
Treibt sie die pure gier
Über leichenberge derer
Die durch sie krepieren
Ich werde dagegenstehen
Ich werde soweit gehen
Wie es nötig ist
Um am rad der zeit zu drehen
Die kälte, sie lässt unsere herzen gefrieren
Wenn das feuer erlischt, dann wird nie was passieren
Was ihr auch dagegen tut
An euren händen klebt das blut
Der tod kommt auf zwei beinen
Was ist es nur, das so an mir zehrt?
So laut geschrien und doch nie gehört
Woher kommt der hass, der mich so verstört?
Süßholzgeraspel, das grinsend betört

08. Tomorrow

I'm having a bad idea
About tomorrow
A glimpse into the future
For we live in sorrow
A pestilence, a plague, below us
The bigheads cleaning up, they control us
This time
We won't survive
Today it's time to die
We suffer on our own hate
Wretched we sit and stagnate

09. Politricks

Do you know what makes me sick?
Do you know what pisses me off?
When politricks make that much cash
While others live in hunger and pain
What in the world?
What's fucking wrong?
Is this damned job
Really so hard?
Can you tell me?
Ain't this bullshit?
They bathe in cash
Others starve to death

10. Despise

There are so many people
Who I really don't understand
There are so many buttfucks
I couldn't count on a million hands
I hate the scenesters
Stupid scum
The nazi assholes
Blind and dumb
Catholic filth and co as well
I'd prefer
A life in hell
I hate the liars
Feeble minds
The upperclass
Just cash and lies
Machopigs, so arrogant
But most I hate the intolerant
I hate sollutions by the government
Everything's wrong and 'bout nothing's changed
At least answer my question: why
Live sucks and then you die?

11. Rat Race

Ready, steady, go
I can't remember where the course began
And I can't wait until it fucking ends
The race of our lives
We're leaving the hive
As soon as our feet cary us
But along the way we forget to live
Replacing the lust with the must
Greed inflict
Down and sick
Rat race shit
Your heart is on fire
Your blood boiling higher
Higher for desire

12. Drown The System

Crown the system
Drown the system
And its hateful cells

13. Gone

Mourning whisper echoes
Leave no place for content
I close my eyes, prepare to leave
I won't wait for the end
The emotive burnout
Equals a fate of hate
Grinding wheels swallowed in rage
No compassion to remain
How did this all happen?
How could it come this fast?
Or was it meant to fail from the start?
I'm gone

14. Burst

Baby, you shoud listen
Listen to what I say
We're all plart of a plan
We're made and meant to obey
So tell me how does it feel
To swallow the shit from avove?
They rise in disguise
Ignoring the cries
Feed us up with the lies
How arrogant can be?
I feel nothing but despise
But the bigger they are
The deeper they fall
Obey and eat
Don't think
Just consume
And please die silent
On the end of fortitude
I'd rather like to burst
Than quenching their greedy