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Woe Unto Me - A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulness lyrics


01. Slough Of Despond

I feel I will always be alone - Entirely
I was left by everyone - And I left everyone
Memories are all I have
But sometimes I think that I regret every step in my life
All the beauty died, when I was born
I hope I will remember the day I die
I wish to forsake myself

02. The Gospel Reading

Every sigh. either stir makes me suffer;
My spirit turns away - outness;
Instead of crying, dying - silence;
Desires where crushed by realness...

Your impresses are overgrown by flowers
Your breath transforms darkness into light
Forest parts for your feelings
You are molder of such paradise

Silence has broken your reverie
Eyes were opened by mysterious force,
That warns against absorption...
... Of your dreams by reality

03. Stillborn Hope

Hope is skulked in my mind, it craves for a fly
I can help it, but I will not.

Faith us shackled in my heart, it tries to arise
And i can reach it, but I will not.

I have lost my interests on this earth
May I find comfort in the arms of an angel?

Please, fulfill my wish...
Don't stay on my grave and weep.

04. 4


05. Angels To Die

Your tears flow down my wrists
As I hold you
Smouldering wings
Once so white and divine
You're dying of sorrow
Nothing left to live for

You were looking for sympathy for too long
And now I'm with you
Sharing all the pain, absorbing with your blood,
Weeping - Kissing your drying lips
As the life withers

And we become as one
Silent and motionless
Depicting the lives lost
Our dreams have become true
Then there is only nothing...