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Varathron - Walpurgisnacht lyrics


01. Tleilaxu (The Unborn Child)

Nature had taken the face of fear
Terror is painted around
Whispers and screams of pain
Are covering in the night.

The high priests are preparing
This sacrifice must be done
Full-moon is approaching
Red virgin-blood will be spilled.

The are preparing for the great moment
The unborn child is coming
With the hordes of evil
With absolute hate and obscure eyes.

You're faithful servant
He's the chosen one
The silence cry drives you mad
The whispers are drilling your mind.

The mystic gathering from the faithful
Waiting for the secret day
It ain't going to be late
Ruins and destruction turn around

Your tears are rolling the black cloak
The great celebration is beginning
(The unborn child is coming)
Look the sights of time...

02. Cassiopeia´s Ode

God of Darkness
Lord of Death
Ruler of Shadows
Hear us!!!

NUADA you have come
To a world without pain
And without pleasure
Return now and pain not
Pleasure awaits you
Once entire, you're less
From the loss of an arm
And a powerful kingdom

Empty your heart from the want
Of this ultimate hero
The desire for his soul
Turn his face away from death
Space him for life
In thunder, flood of fire
we await you, spirit of DIANCECHT
Emperor of forgotten souls.

In the shadows of my wings
I shelter the children of NEMED
Their beauty I praise
Their grace I celebrate
Their valour I encourage
Their pride I share
We put our souls between
The Lord of Death and Child of the Sun

Glory to you IL'DANA
Hero bring pride to our land
So we, children of NEMED
May forever run free
Gaze down on EIREANN
The green land you bought
With your blood and your boldness
Now glory of myth, glory of legend.

Peace be in your heaven
And peace on our earth
You' re legend, eternal
You're memory turned myth.

03. The Dark Hills

Dark hills at evening in the west
Where sunset covers like a sound
Of golden horns that song to rest
Old bones of warriors underground.

Far now from all the bannered ways
Where flash the legions of the moon
You fade - as it the last of days
Where fading, and all wars were done.

04. Mestigoth

Deadly pain covering in the night
Shadows are scared around you
Embossed thought and remorses
To the wall of memories.

Like a spirit, like a shine
Beyond the eternal galaxies
(At the unknown dimensions)
Where the silence re-echo (like a scream!)
Of ultimate fear which posses you.

With awe you looking at yourself
On the waxen mirror that changes endlessly
Loosing your faith and you're crying
For the ultimate gift, they'll promised you.

Look the bloodness skies
Look the blasphemous kingdom
Look the shine of victory in their burning eyes
Feel their dark delight

After many-maby centuries and aeons
You will be the one who will write
The Macabre tales on the book of stone
You will narrate to the next generation
You will speak for their victory
You will scream for the winter
Oh! King of the Kings, Emperor of Chaos,
Dark Lord, Master... I worship you!!!

05. Birthrise Of The Graven Image

Solstice winds at twilight
Moaning prophetic fear
A rising tide bears terror
Birthrise of the graven image

Fetid the night air
The stillbirth was not...
In the graveyard faith
Hell-born cloven hoof made flesh

I have seen the signs...
Famine, fire and plague.

Unhorned as of yet
But still (it) commands
The final conquest of peace
And lightning prays...

Mortals terror has now spread
Crest riding the winds of war
Hopelessnenss rapes in its wake
Birthrise of the graven image

I have seen the sighs...
Famine, fire and plague.

Unbroken ground in the boneyard
Lightning purifies in strike
Fire consecrates the rest
Birthrise of the graven image

Black clouds bury the dead sun
(as the) moon takes its rightful place
Dawn and morning are nevermore
Earth Bows to its new master
I have seen the signs...
These new horns need to crown

07. Under The Sight Of Horus

Look in the sky the winged angels
Beyond the invisible horizon
The kingdom of isolated angels
Where stone shaped shadows mourn (what they're lost!)

The mystic vision of OSIRIS
The mighty God of SEVIA
Till, the promising truth of HORUS
(As) predicted by priest MEFANTHA

You laugh for darkness domination
You laugh for living plagues
The owner of curse once covered the city
Transform the demon inside you.

Under the sight of HORUS

The chosen one
The lord of sacred pain
The king of desolation
Hail Erebus, Lord of Death.

Beyond the southern seas
Where mortal search your path
A gate to underworld
The vision of thousand priests

Under the sight of HORUS

The stone valley of death
There, you will find the truth
From the sacred book of invocation
(And then) you will open the gates for them!!!

08. Somewhere Beyond Seas

Looking at the eternal horizons
Where the shine disappears
Where the sea unites with the sky
Where the eye travels into the blue.

Forgotten memories from the past
Turn around in your head
You remember and travelling
To the endless seas of black earth

Remember battles and echoes
Cries, pain and blood
Beyond the galaxial cities of North
Beyond the Abysmal hate of warriors

Somewhere beyond the dark seas
Memories-locked doors of your darkest mind
Terror-eternal curse and silence