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Orphaned Land - Trivia

Orphaned Land were forced to cancel their show in Turkey at Sonisphere due to the ongoing crisis between Turkey and Israel after the Gaza flotilla raid.
ORwarriOR means "light warrior" or "warrior of light", representing a conceptual hero of the battle of light versus darkness.The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR is Orphaned Land's second concept album.
Mabool: The Story of the Three Sons of Seven album tells the story of three sons (Angels) of the seventh (in the mythology the number seven refers to God). The seventh was divided into three, representing the divide of the Abrahamic religion into three main streams: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
Each angel was given a power and representation. The first angel is Judaism, he is represented by a Star of David and his power is magic. The second angel is Islam, he is represented by a half of moon and his power was his strength. The third angel is Christianity, he is represented by the cross and his power is his wisdom.
God had forbid the angels from reuniting because of fear of their strength. Ignoring the divine order, the angels united into one angel, who immediately got exiled from heaven to earth and was divided into three again, sentenced to fight each other until they can prove themselves and get back into heaven.
The angels then try to convince humanity to stop their sins and warn them of a coming flood as punishment if they do not. The album describes the journey of the three, their convincing, and in the end, their failure.
In 2008, Orphaned Land was featured in the documentary Global Metal, a film by the creators of Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.
Orphaned Land fuse progressive, doom, and death metal as well as Middle-Eastern folk music and Arabic traditions in a form of Oriental metal. Each album has some concept related to two extremes: a meeting of east and west, past and present, light and darkness, and God and Satan.
They were originally called "Resurrection".